Verbatim 700MB 52X CD-R 100 Pack Cake Box, $14 after rebate

Sorry about the rebate. I seem to recall that these are good CDs.

Yo chas0039-

Now the price is down to $19.99 minus $10 rebate for a total of $9.99 plus $4 shipping-

As usual - you have found a kicka$$ price on what should be some very good media-



Thanks Mike. I always include shipping in the cost so $14 was the delivered cost.

CMC magnetic, look for philips 100 spindle for the same price without the rebate at office depot

Thanks for the heads up. CMC is not worth it. Verbatim used to be much better, especially the Data Life Plus.

What’s the media code on the philips disks? At the moment, I’m sticking only to Yaiyo Yuden, but may consider a spindel of these if I see really REALLY good scans on them.


PS Hmmm, also, from what I see on Office Deopt’s site, the Philips disks are priced at $39.97/100 or $19.99/50. A bit rich for my blood considering I can get genuine TY for less. Am I missing something here?

Agreed. Here are 200 TY CD-Rs for $40.

Philips is also CMC magnetic