Verbatim 6x DVD-RW & Samsung SH-W163A: Drive does not recognize new media?!


i own the above mentioned burner (FW: TS01) and I have been burning Verbatim DVD-RW 6x media (MKM-code) with this device since April 2006 without any problem.

Now I bought a new package of these media and all 5 of them are not recognized by the drive at all. I exchanged them with a second package but they do not seem to work either.

The “old” media (remember: same media, same media code) work without any problem. I can erase and rewrite them. Other media is accepted by drive as well.

I contacted the Verbatim support but they have yet to answer.

One thing that strikes me is the fact that the inner black ring of the “new” media is a bit wider than on the old media.

Is there a trick how to get these things to work?

Did somebody make similar experiences?


Put a piece of that media in another drive ( if you have one ) and run DVD-IDENTIFIER to see the MID code. Verbatim 6x had a MID MKM 01RW6X01.

The problem seems to be an unsupported media in firmware TS01.

I hope that this will help you. :slight_smile:

Yes, my notebook DVD burner recognized the media as the code you mentioned. Though it is recognized as “closed/finalized” by DVDInfo Pro but that seems to be related to the notebook burner’s firmware.

But they have the same code that my old Verbatim DVD-RWs 6x have. So they have the same code, same package and so on. The drive is supposed to handle that kind of media very well.

No problems with this media here.

So did/do I with my first package from april.

One thing that strikes me is the fact that the inner black ring of the “new” media is a bit wider than on the old media. Thickness is more than 2mm while my “old” media has a ring which measures under 2mm in thickness…

Have you looked at the COO yet?
I think you got one pack “Made in Singapore” and another “Made in Taiwan”. Just a guess.
Do they all have a hub code starting with MW?

Unfortunately, both are “Made in Taiwan” and both hub codes start with “MW”. :frowning:

This is weird!

Same problem here, same drive, same media.
Damn, just ordered these last week and got today, I guess I have to wait for a firmware upgrade?

The box says they are Made in Taiwan.
Serial on the disc: MWF648KEO218525 2
The last number changes with disc(2, 8 etc.)

I don’t think we are seeing another firmware update for our burner. :frowning: Seems like only the “old” 6x media works with the drive.

Perhaps could someone come up with an alternative DVD-RW media which works great with the Samsung…

Maybe you could try with 8x +RW?

Maybe, but they haven’t arrived to our stores yet, so I had to order these 6x ones.

btw, I contacted Samsung and they said they might add the media code and update the firmware. :clap:
Let’s see…

Well, the media code is exactly the same on the working and non-working media from Verbatim. :frowning:

Does anyone have experiences with the RICOHJPN-W21 DVD+RW 8x media in conjunction with Samsung burners?

Have you compared the complete mediacode?

As far as I remember it was MKM 01RW6X01 for both media. I tested in my notebook burner. Can’t verify it though. Gave them to my father. His NEC burner is able to read them…