Verbatim 52x24x52 for $29.99



Was over at Office Max yesterday March 26th and they have the Verbatim 52x24x52 drive for $29.99 ($79.99 with $30.00 in store instant rebate and a $20.00 mail in rebate). I do not know if it is a Liteon rebadge, but can only assume it is. Seems like a good deal. Might be time to upgrade my Litey 40x12x48 @ 48x12x48–but then again I never use Mt. Rainier or CDRW and 52x vs. 48x is so damn nominal as not matter.




I believe the tell-tale signs as to whether it is a Lite-On or not is if it says “SmartBurn”. If it says “SmartBurn” then chances are it is a Lite-On. I believe that Lite-On has the SmartBurn name trademarked, copyrighted or whatever so that only they can use that name for their buffer underrun prevention method, but I maybe wrong about this.