Verbatim 52x Silver Ink Jet Printable



I am looking at grabbing some of these as I don’t have any Verbatim CD-R’s in my stockpile.

They are these:

edit: Made in Taiwan

What possible media codes “could” these be?



Either it’s Mitsubishi Chemical’s ATIP (Super Azo) or CMC Magnetics (Phthalocyanine), I think.


I found some White Ink Jet hub printable 52x Datalifeplus AZO’s so I should be set for a while, thanks kg_evilboy.


Sorry for all the questions but I have another :o

Verbatim 48x Datalife (CD Top looks like Extra Protection) model # is 43411, figuring they are CMC but they have “Goods of EU Origin” printed on the cake pack, does that pretty much confirm CMC?


[I]Goods of EU Origin…[/I]
This is some old 48x stuff which could be Made in Ireland by CMC.

Some 48x DataLifePlus CD-R was also made in the EU.

Ah, you’re on a shopping spree, [B]MegaDETH[/B]? :bigsmile:


haha yeah I am, someone please stop me :doh:

It’s really some of my daughters fault, making backups of all her WHOLE Music collection and of course she wants printables :rolleyes:

But I need some different media for reviews also.

Made in Ireland possible eh? Interesting very interesting.

Would they be worth grabbing??


Here are some tests that I have on my Verb Silver Ink Jet Printable discs

sorry about the duplicate disc info post, don’t know how to remove via edit

I prefer the white vs the silver surface.
Mostly for DVD’s, but still they seem more flexable.


Oh. Those aren’t Super Azo (Mitsubishi) after all, but Prodisc? :doh:


The ones I have here in the US are Prodisc and my guess is that there are also some CMC out there.

Bought them from Microcenter.

The only Mitsubishi Verbs that I know of are the DVD+R DL made in Singapore.


Yup I know I am a Pain in the :stuck_out_tongue: “kg_evilboy feel free to slap me”

Just found these Verbatim 16x Premium AZO Blue, re-order #91224

I can get them for $.15 in quantity Jewel case shrink wrapped.

Are these good quality?


Wow. That’s super sweet discs at a super sweet price.
Make sure you find a good CD burner to team with these discs :wink: (Plextor Premium maybe?)


Yes I have been looking at finding an external Plextor Premium all morning.

What model’s are recommended? I am open to any drives.