Verbatim 52X retail CD-R spindles at Best Buy

A little while ago, I looked at the Verbatim 52X retail CD-R spindles at Circuit City, and found out that all 6 I looked at were CMC spindles. You can get both MCC or CMC discs in these spindles, depending on the spindle–the MCC discs are much better in quality. By checking the outer hub serial number, one can determine the manufacturer of the discs in the store. The serial number on the CMC discs begin with CD-R 80 and end with a four digit number. The serial number on the MCC discs end with the string “AZO.” I found that most (about 5-6 or so) of the spindles I saw at Best Buy tonight were the MCC spindles (serial number ending in AZO), while only 2 were the CMC spindles. I thought drpino would find this to be interesting. Like I’ve said in the past, if you buy the retail version of this media at Best Buy or Circuit City, you must be sure to get an MCC spindle. Otherwise, just buy the Verbatim DataLifePlus Super AZO labeled media online which is always MCC.

I haven’t seen any of the MCC spindles in a while; all the ones at the Best Buy stores around here are CMC or what appear to be Prodisc CD-Rs (Prodisc-style cakebox).

interesting indeed. seems like neither ATIP outweighs the other in the b&m retail market.

Exactly: that is the point I’m trying to make–it seems both ATIPs are probably just as prevalent but the amount of MCC and CMC spindles vary a lot from store to store. That is at least my impression now, given how many MCC spindles I found tonight (several), compared to how many CMC spindles I found at Circuit City (every single spindle I examined).

I am just wondering … for modern MCC and CMC CD-R disks, is the differece that pronounced? Both seem to give excellent results in newer burners.

I have never seen a practical difference in the longitivity and performance of even old CMC disks compared to MCC disks (for CD-Rs)