Verbatim 52x cd-r @ 32x max with px-760 and powerrec, normal?

…every (verbatim 52x) cd-r burn speeds up to 32x and then keeps this until the end. is this normal behavior? i don’t want to disable powerrec - had some bad expirince with doing so.

ok, tried is with powerec disable - it burns up to 48x! means this the verbatim 52x are not good quality? are ther cd-r burning with max speed and powerrec enabled?

insert a blank of those into your drive, run Nero CD/DVD Speed and check the “disc info” tab to see, what speeds are actually supported.
It is not impossible that 52x rated discs are only supported at lower speeds. It depends on the MID.


48x is supported with this discs- but with powerec enabled it speeds up to 32x (nero showing speed in realtime) with powerec disabled it speeds up to 48 - the question is are the verbatim cd-r bad quality (used many stacks of them)?


as there are many flavours of Verbatim discs, it would be useful, if you posted the MID of those you are using. Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Chemicals are the best.


Those are most likely CD-Rs with the Mitsubishi MID. They’re listed as recommended media for the 760A but for some reason Plextor limits the burn speed to 32x. It’s the same with the 716A in terms of the speed limit (but they were only listed as compatible for that burner).

yes there are mitsubishis, any recomandation for other cd-r with good quality and 48x speed and available in germany. (yuden’s are not well available)

You can’t get the Verbatim Pastels? Those are TY. Try

MCC are okay. In case your writer wants them to write at 32x then stick with that and don’t worry about.
For Yuden (Verbatim Pastell) try Kaufhof, Staples, Pro Markt. Any of these shops had these a couple of months ago (Wiesbaden). Staples was even cheaper than Aldi :bigsmile: (100 pcs Spindle for 16,90)


Plextor indicates that their testing may restrict media to speeds lower than that rated by the vendor. If the C1/C2 results are good, go with the flow and accept the slower speed. Need 52x? Change media.

The Verbatim 52x CDR that are on the market now are usually CMC ones, at least in San Mateo where I live. It depends on the batch, some batch I bought were able to burn at 52x 80% of the time while other’s maxed out at 40x


Here in Germany, Verbatim had the Data Life Plus (Super Azo, and so on) discs, that are MCC discs, maybe made by CMC or MBIL (Mine are MII), and there were the “normal” Verbatim discs, that indeed were CMC, Prodisc or something else.
Media speed is a matter of firmware, too. My Samsung SHW-163A supports only a max of 40x for my 52x Verbatim Pastels, that are genuine TY discs. My Liteon CDRW supports 52x Verbatim DLP (MCC) only at 40x.


True, there are the DataLifePlus 52x Verbatims with Azo but for some reason Verbatim’s Azo doesn’t work very well with Plextor drives (high errors when after 2/3 burn and only burns at 40x MAX) The best discs that can burn at 52x IME are CMC and Taiyo Yuden.

thx for the advices, i 'll try other ones.