Verbatim 500GB USB2 External Hard Drive Review



I just posted the article Verbatim 500GB USB2 External Hard Drive Review.

Verbatim Europe was kind enough to send us their new 500GB External HDD for review.

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I’ve been looking for a 500 GB external hard drive for some time now, but every one of them has complaints from users that they burn out. They may work great in the beginning, but a few weeks/months down the road and they fry. :c What makes this one any different? I’ve seen posts saying the best bet is to separately buy an internal hard drive and an external case with fan and then to just put the internal drive into the case yourself. I’m a novice when it comes to hardware, so I don’t know - is putting an internal drive into an external case yourself a simple plug in type of thing or is it more complex? Any help is appreciated! :g


Most cheapo external drives without a fan use the case as a heat sink. The drives are mounted without the use of thermal grease which would help the thermal transfer efficiency. I use my external drives on a demand basis, that is when I am done transferring data I turn the drive off. I have a mix of home made, Maxtor, Seagate, I/O Magic external drives that are from 1 to 3 years old and have not had any failures. I have, however, had hard drives that are permanantly installed fail, and that was at the 5 year mark. It is advisable to run a SMART drive monitoring program that reports drive condition, so that you might be able rescue data from a drive that is showing signs of sickness


If anyone is wondering what brand of harddrive sits inside the case its a Hitachi, long story short, Verbatim is owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. which has a partnership with Hitachi for selling harddrives, the harddrive has a mitsubishi or verbatim label on it, but the hardware itself is made by Hitachi :slight_smile:


If the HDD is a Hitachi (Which is quite good) then why when i open the enclosure and remove the drive does it say “Western Digital” (which is much better) on the label? The drive that i found in my enclosure is a Western Digital Caviar 500GB HDD. Why they called it Caviar i’m not sure but I have several Western Digital HDD’s and none have given me problems. One of them is a 5 year old 80GB IDE HDD and they run like dreams. There is one question though. Why when i put the 500GB in the pc my HDD monitoring apps pick up its temperature but, when i put it in an enclosure the apps dont? Does the S.M.A.R.T work externally or only internally


The drive inside the “review drive” was a Western Digital. Also i think S.M.A.R.T only works on the native drive interface (in this case SATA) and the drive is connected via USB.


Do not buy the VERBATIM. The VERBATIM is crap. The VERBATIM will not work on my MAC!!! They want me to send The VERBATIM back at my expense and they will not give me my money back. They want to send me a new VERBATIM. I mean, come on - send me another VERBATIM that doesn’t work!!!


My verbatim came without a manual, without the software mentioned in this review, would not back up, said the verbatim was corrupted, and corrupted many of my files.


I bought that drive and had no issues from day 1, works get. Paid 99$ can. Very happy with it.


I don’t like the fact that the drive is always off after repowering. I would prefer a real switch to determine the behaviour: - off after repowering - on after repowering - as it was when power loss occurred


these drives are cheap and from China…mine melted overnight. I was using it as a file server. Never again will I buy Chinese product. No thermal grease and no warranty. They want me to pay to ship for service. No way. Cost too much for ship to China. Bad company, although their media is good. No such thing as Verbatim hard drive. Is like false advertsing. :r :r :r


:frowning: CT South Africa - 3 weeks - cannot restore files from Verbatim Backup!!! One can see the folders and files but backup restore process terminates in the end saying unable to do so! Help! Anyone out there that can assist? Currently Computer repair centre attending to but they also no luck this past few days. Established from 2 other CRC they have had clients come in with same problem. Could not be solved…Help Please.


Does anyone know, how to open the enclosure? I’ve searched the internet, but no result :c I have the eSATA/USB-version of this drive and i want to slow down from SATA2 to SATA1 (VIA-chipset-problem).


I opened mine after some exploring. The end is made off 2 layers the outside one slides off towards the underside, but that’s hindered by 3 tabs. Those can be bended back trough the small slots while pressing it to slide OR you can just apply enough pressure to they either snap free or brake.
Afterwards mine reattached securely again, it’s only real role is to not let top lid + sides slide free.