Verbatim 4X DVD-R burns fine but cdcheck fails

Hi there,

I’ve just bought a lot of MCC01RG20 Verbatim 4X DVD-R.

They burn like a charm on my single speed Panasonic LF-D310 burner using PrimoDVD 2.0, but each time I run a binary compare with CDCheck, I always get at least one file with “content mismatch”. One disc out of two gives at least one of these errors.

I think that’s because of the media, but as seen as it burns fine, can it still be the case ??? :confused:

I’ve lowered my RAM speed, switched IDE cable, reinstalled windows, formated my HDD. still the same problem.

Can it be that this CMC made media has quality flaws that give CRC errors ? because when a RAR/ZIP file has “content mismatch”, it has a CRC error and is impossible to decompress.

I think I will ask for refund, but I’ve got no idea what media to buy now, if even Verbatim sells crap now :frowning:

Any help appreciated…


someone help please :bow:

Verbatim are generally excellent discs.
I have used the Mcc01RG20 with great results on my NEC 2500A.

If it is still time for you to get a refund then I would suggest that you do without second thoughts. This drive seems to be discontinued and Panasonic is going out of the DVDRW business.

Otherwise, try to burn with Nero or recordnow or another software.

I’m not sure though what CdCheck does and what CRC errors means.

thank you for answering.

Well this drive worked like a charm with MAM-E “MCI4XG01” discs, but not with their new “MAM4XG02” formula, actually it burns fine but the disc is completely unreadable, damn you MAM-E!! :a

I know what you mean, but I heard some ppl complaining about these discs because they were manufactured by CMC, and not MCC factories.

I don’t wanna buy a new DVD burner when mine still works fine and bluray is around the corner.

These Verbatim burn fine, show up perfect in CDspeed, but the data that’s burned is slightly different from the data on my HDD.
these data errors are called CRC errors, “Cyclic Redudancy Check” unrecoverable errors…and I’ve got no idea where they come from, except from the media itself…

PS :
Panasonic is far from leaving the DVD-R market, they have released a 8X burner, and a blueray recorder for PC as well.

They are big in Japan, just not anywhere else…