Verbatim 4x 25Pack DVD+R 16x $19.99 AR

4x 25pk Verbatim 16x DVD+R from
$19.99 after $18 rebate, free shipping.

Rebate form:

Wow ! I suppose you could even make few bucks on this deal if you applied for their credit card and got the rebate…Thanks so much !

That’s correct. In the past I applied their visa many times to get $30 off and as long as you’re approved, you will get $30 off instantly. But I think you need to pay with the new card.

Thanks for the head’s up!

Thanks from me, too! I’m running low on Verbs and was looking for exactly the kind of deal you posted.

BTW, I’ve never had any problems with Vertaim rebates in the past…fast turnaround.

Good price for 100 same thing at BB this week goes for $24.99.

Looks like they’re out of the Verb 4x 25 packs. I ordered them on Feb. 28th, and they still haven’t shipped.

Good old… :a

Don’t care much for which is why I passed… I think I’ll wait for a Best Buy sale. :slight_smile:

It surprises me to hear so many horror stories about I’ve been using them since 1999, and have had nothing but good luck. One rinky dink mfr. tried to stiff me on a rebate a few months ago, and actually stepped up and refunded the rebate amount directly from my purchase! I don’t know if they’re good to me because I’m a long term customer, because I have a Visa, or if I’m just lucky. Still, they’ve always been good to me.

I think this was my first purchase from, it’s possible maybe I bought something from them a year or two before…In any case, I chose the free shipping, and they must have come from close by because I got my 100 dvd’s second day. Quality of the batch I got seems to be excellent so far. I got the Chase card, sure, will cancel it in few moths (twenty something APR), but with this deal if I get the rebate, I would have made 11 bucks, and if the rebate does not come it would cost me $7 for a 100 blank, good quality media…I won’t complain.

I agree Dalen, they are far to likely to be Prodisc or MII made Verbs for me to order online. I want to be able to see the package before I buy them. :wink:

Actually they’re the best batch of Verbs I’ve gotten in about a year. I was just about to give up and move on, but my faith has been restored.

Yo HA-

Glad to hear that - I also have purchased a number of items from and have never had a problem to date - got notification that mine shipped today - so I can add them to the other 250 Verbatim 16x +R MCC004’s I have in stock-eh!

Ditto,,, outpost, JR, ONECALL, Staples, OD, CC, Crutchfield, Macmall, ebay are my favorite places to shop online. BB is my local toy store//LOL :bigsmile:


Got 'em this afternoon - and yup - they are ‘PAPA’s’ -eh!

(that makes 300 PAPA’s in a row - 200 which were ordered online)

Media are so cheap, not worth it to go thru rebate, I’ll buy at local retail stores


Got these for $5 plus CA tax - after $18 MIR and the $15 PayPal refund-

(thanks again to chas0039 for the tipoff)

Now - that is a deal that you aren’t going to see on these anytime soon - if ever-eh!

Good deal BigMike7, I am glad they were the PAPA, even though I have had good reports on the Prodiscs also. You are stocked for awhile now, EH.:wink:

Glad you got good discs Mike. I would hate to lead you toward problems, even for $5.


Thanks guys - when you order online - it is kinda a roll of the dice as to what you get - I’m happy that I got what I did-eh!