Verbatim 48x



verbatim 48x are a not what I expected!!!
at least for my LTR-52246S !!!
No of my 5 burning proggies can write on one of these discs, and the extra surface just keeps you from writing on the surface…
sorry for my tongue, but i just feel like that…

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Originally posted by chrisi

verbatim 48x are a crap!!!

Thanks for the valued, detailed and exhaustive info ! :bigsmile:


my 52246s works well with them. dont know what your problem is.


I had problems with those with my old Sony CRX120E, but then they worked perfectly on my Sony DRU510A…

it’s like most others, works on some… doesn’t on others


Verbatim are well know for inconsistant quality control, one batch is great and the next is not so great. Although we have been given no information about what the specific problem is, I’ll assume that the OP is trying to burn them at 52x. Even at 48x, they can be dodgy on the 6S drive. The azo media is not very tolerant of burning too fast, slowing the burn speed almost always results in a good reliable disc.


Does the Verbatim quality control problem extend to their Mitsubishi Chemicals made discs (DataLifePlus, Crystal Super Azo, etc.) as well?

I’m yet to run into a bad Verbatim / Mitsubishi Chemicals copy, but I’ve not burned a lot of them yet (less than 100).



Peolple used to say that certain mfg plants were better, ie: Taiwan is better than Mexico, but I’ve had good and bad spindles from both plants. However, the issue is usually with speed, whether or not you can burn them at rated speed. They usually work fine if you find their optimal speed. People seem to forget that rated speed is “max” speed, not necessarily the “best” speed.