Verbatim 43500 vs 43481 DVD's



Hi guys, I need to purchase more media for my NEC-3500 drive and i’v had good results with verbatim hence wanted to stick to that brand, however i’v noticed that there area 2 different disks available if i’m not mistaken, I dont mind paying a bit extra however I want to extend the life of my DVD’s as much as I can.
there are 2 dvd tubs i was looking at:

they have different manafacturer codes hence I was thinking they are probably different, in fact ebuyer had 2 lots of different tubs as well however now they only have the cheaper ones!.

Any advice on which is the better DVD will be very much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


The first link is to DVD+R media certified for 16x writing.

The second link is to DVD+R media certified for 8x writing (will do 12x with unofficial firmware).

Both are very good media both in general and specifically for the NEC 3500, and since the price is the same I would personally go for the faster media of the two.

EDIT: Oops, the first link was actually to DVD[color=dimgray]+R media and not DVD-R media, but the link was showing a picture of DVD-R packaging so I was fooled there for a bit.[/color]


Thanks dragemaster :slight_smile:
I thought one was “higher quality” then the other because one mentioned datalifeplus and Advanced AZO recording dye however if its only the speed thats the difference i’ll go for the ebuyer one.
I mainly write at 4x anyway to ensure good writing quality.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


You should NOT assume that burning at a lower speed automatically improves the writing quality. Specifically for the Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R media on a NEC ND-3500 drive my experience is that 8x or 6x burning is better than 4x burning. The same may very well be true for Verbatim 16x media, but I haven’t tested that media at that speed.

If you buy the 8x Verbatim media I suggest you burn it at 8x for best results.


oh, Didnt know that!.
I will probably be getting the 16x disks and burn at 12x then.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: , manafactureres should state this on the packaging !