Verbatim 4.7GB +R 100PK Spindle Retail $29.99 AR

Verbatim 8X 4.7GB DVD+R Media 100PK Spindle, Model 94968, Retail $59.99 -$30.00 MIR = $29.99 Shipped

Rebate Link

Would these burn well in my NEC 3500? Thanks! :bow:

Reviews show these working @12X with Plextor and BenQ. Try checking in the NEC forum for experiences with this media.


I have two 3500’s and the Verbatim 8x -R’s (also on sale with MIR) - burn great backups with absolutely NO coasters-

Don’t think that you can go wrong at $.30 each-


I have only seen one scan of this media (MCC003) on a 3500. It looked great, much better then the Verbatim -R. I would buy at this price.

Are you burning them at 8x or 16x? I’m using the stock firmware if that makes a difference.

You just put your foot in your mouth. :bigsmile:

Just providing the info. Not taking a position one way or the other. Being flexible allows one to insert the whole foot.

Should work with your 3500. MCC003’s QC can be ON/OFF.

WARNING: Be prepared to fight tooth and nail for your rebate from Verbatim. I bought two spindles last month under an earlier rebate. I followed all the steps quite carefully. So, what happens? A card comes in the mail today saying “your purchase was not made within the required dates for this rebate.” Which is absolute BS. I shouldn’t call it BS, since it’s more like FRAUD. Man, am I steamed!! :a

The card’s format is identical to one I got last year regarding a rebate on a hard drive from Office Max. Same deal that time – a totally bogus rejection.

I get about 1 in 10 rejects on valid rebates. Some places seem to send these out just to discourage you. It seems like the cost of doing business. Fortunately, my Verbatim rebate is OK. Good luck.


it is unfortunate – and painful – when you get screwed over like this by these companies.

As Clinton said " I feel your pain."

joe, the same exact thing happened to me today with my Verbatim 16x Rebate. I did a quick google, and it seems that the company handling these rebates for Verbatim does this type of thing all of the time.

I just got a postcard from whoever the low life’s are that handle verb rebates. It said that the upc I provided doesn’t qualify for the rebate. Bullshit! I always photocopy everything I submit and I clearly provided everything the rebate asked for. Gonna give them a call tomorrow to chew em out. Don’t know how this business works, but I assume companies give these companies a certain amount to $ to cover rebates and processing. If people forget, are “disqualified”, etc then it’s just more money for the low-life’s :a I really am getting sick about these rebate schemes.

Been burned 2 times this year already, I won’t buy anything with a rebate anymore.

Just got the phone with “customer service”. He said that my UPC didn’t qualify. I said that was ridiculous since it was cut right off the package and my photocopy of the rebate form AND UPC show that they match exactly. After alot of “sorry for this inconvenience”, sound of typing on a keyboard, “ums”,etc, he said they would allow “validation” over the phone “one time only”. I was tempted to yell and ask if he had the barcode submitted and find what exactly was wrong with it. But cooler heads prevailed as I was getting (hopefully) what I wanted.

Next I asked about my other rebate (+R Verbatim) and was told (drum roll…)

They didn’t have any record of it!! Luckily he told me to fax the rebate form and receipt and upc to resubmission dept (which I just did). I’m so glad I came to work ready for war with all my documentation.

Hopefully, this will be the end of this BS. Next time I see a rebate, I’ll check the rebate form. If it has anything to do with, I’m not touching it with a 10ft pole. :a

Best of luck to all of you out there waiting on rebates.
I think I’m gonna drop an email to Verbatim to let em know about this scamming rebate clearing house.

i use to be in to rebates alot, but have been getting burned by some companys of late.

think i’m done with rebates.

thanks for the heads up on the rebate for this. i was close to getting it.