Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD+R 100 Packs $17.99 Freee Shipping

With Promo Code: EMCKFKB39

Sorry About The Spelling

Yo gruggs-

Good find :iagree:

I thought so, that’s why I spelled “free” wrong. Too much excitement.

Any takers yet?

I actually ordered some from amazon yesterday before this deal came out. Got them today, MIT!

Wish verbatim would cut some good deals on DL and BD discs… (by holiday time please?) seriously, single layer is too small with today’s backup needs. Some raw video files and iso’s are way past 4.7gb these days. Blu Ray isos can be just beyond 8.5gb approaching 50gb.

$30 for 30 DL discs? Vs. some generic brand blu rays for about the same price and 3x the space?

Promo Code no good this morning

Although you’ve entered a valid promo code EMCKFKB39, your order does not currently meet the code’s usage criteria.

[QUOTE=bean55;2583881]Promo Code no good this morning[/QUOTE]

Yo bean55-

Ya snooze - ya lose-eh :stuck_out_tongue:

^:iagree: :frowning:

Promo was for 48hrs starting last Friday.

FYI, mine were MII from the New Jersey warehouse. I haven’t tried them yet.

$7 off w/ promo code 7OFFVERDVD, ends 4/17

[QUOTE=gruggs;2584440]$7 off w/ promo code 7OFFVERDVD, ends 4/17[/QUOTE]

Yo bean55-

Here’s ANOTHER chance for ya bra-eh!! :iagree: :smiley:

[QUOTE=afecu;2584157]FYI, mine were MII from the New Jersey warehouse. I haven’t tried them yet.[/QUOTE]

Mine were MIT

$7 off w/ promo code EMCKFHB49, ends 5/4
= $17.99 and free shipping

Meh, $17.99 looks like a new price floor for NewEgg, welcome to $4 gasoline too…

Still, I’m backing up data to blu rays now… 4.7gb is too small since you can only fit a handful of video files on a SL dvd. Still wish BD-Rs were cheaper.

+R with code: EMCKEHF64 till 5/30/11
Limit 5 per customer

-R with code: EMCKEHD33 till 6/1/11
Limit 2 per customer

you will get MII most likely,:rolleyes: depending on where you live you could get MUAE or MIT

Yo dave.evill-

Bra - you rock bringing all the sales into these forums…

Suggestion - start a new thread so more people can see where to find the stuff-eh

Thank you-