Verbatim 3pk DVD+R DL 6X $14.99 shipped



If you already shop at you may want to check your e-mail today for a 6% off coupon which would bring this to $14.09 shipped.


I’m serious now. Is that what you call cheap?


Tell me where you can find them cheaper for the same media.


Sorry, I didn’t see the “6x” part. Though still not exactly cheap, 3 6x DL for $15 including shipping looks like a reasonable deal. 6x DL is new and rare so paying $15 for 3 DL cannot be helped. You pay to be a field-tester.

What I said above was not meant about your post but the general consensus on CDFreaks about DL media (taking high DL media prices for granted.)


Kenshin, it’s still the 2.4x (MKM001). The description says “Certified to run at 4X and 6X speeds by the latest drives!”


:sad: (Wondered why it’s 6x, not 8x.)


all the Verb +R DL i’ve purchased (3x3pks, 1x10pk) have the “approved for high speed burning with compatible 4X/5X speed dvd+r dl drives” …note it’s 5x and nowhere does it say 6x…but i’ve achieved excellent quality results @ 6x.


I dont think there is a firmware for my NEC 3500 that will allow me to burn DL at 8x… I may have to spring for an NEC 3540.


Yup, The Pioneer 109 burns them at 6x without a hitch. :wink:


CDW has this for just over $7, shipping is $9.99 regardless of quantity, you can find this deal in another thread, too lazy to copy the link


Most DL drives today can overspeed-write MKM001, up to 8x.


Does CDW also have DVD+R DL for the same price?


my bad, they have the -R

#14 has a 10% coupon on everything, so now that the price is $16, the coupon brings it down below $15, and tjhat’s less than 5 bucks a piece, with free shipping on order above $25, too.


at this price, I will never jump on it. I will continue buying original movies since they are under $10 rather than using DL media at this price


i’d rather pay money to blank media producers than to film studios…especially given the shit the **AAs pull these days… :wink:


but hey, if they dont make movies, then what the hell you need those blanks for??


im not worried, there’s enough people buying/goingto movies so they’ll keep makin’ em… :wink:

and i do use blanks for many more things than movies…

i worked for pretty much every movie studio/film distributor out there at one time…and let me tell you, they’re a bunch of morons…


Some Movies at walmarts for $4.88, good selection too. And movies off newsgroup download, most are DVD5 or they compress down to DVD5 with 6-9 Pass CCE so I do not really need to buy DL media yet. What I really need is inkjet printable, now I still have around 300 Verbatim Inkjet printable, and Costco deal in august, buy a spindle of 100 TDK get a spindle of 100 for free, so $42 for 200 TDK TTG02 Inkjet printable is a great deal. And by the time DL media prices drop, we will see HD DVD and Blue Ray.


Home-made video? That was the first big application for those early-adopters of DVD recorders and PC DVD burners. One of my friends in Seoul wants to have 50-pack of DVD blanks to backup his RAW and JPG files from Nikon D70.

Most of the video files I have on my terabytes of HDD and thousands of DVD/CDs are not movies created in Hollywood either.