Verbatim 3pk DVD-R DL 4x $7.08 plus shipping



Shipping can kill you here. They seem to only charge a base shipping fee whether you purchase 1 or 10 so you save on shipping with a quantity purchase.


Usually ships 1-2 weeks? means not in stock?


How much is shipping? What if you order 10 * 3-pack (30 disks) or 100 * 3-pack? (That’s 70.8 dollars or 708 dollars plus shipping.)


The shipping is based on ZIP. I’m in Florida and ground shipping was $9.99 which is what I meant by it can kill you. The shipping was $9.99 for 1 3 pack or for 10 3 packs so if you purchased a lot it could still work in your favor.

I haven’t found any vendor I use that has had DVD-R DL discs readily available. Even if it takes 1-2 weeks it is still a lot cheaper than any other vendor I have seen marketing them.


5.69 USD if you order 3 DL.
2.69 USD if you order 30 DL.
2.39 USD if you order 300 DL.

If that’s real, OEM cost of DL media must be under US$2 by now. It was something like US$4 12 months ago. (Mitsubishi only of course.)


Just called CDW and the reps said ETA June 21st.
I guess shipping is standard $9.99.


based on the incompatibility with many stand-alones reported about -R DL media, i’ll be sticking with +R DL :wink: but wish +R DL was down to $7.00 per 3pk.


Man of action. :bow:


Kenshin, I was just curious about the “Ships in 1-2 weeks”, because online stores use different terms. When I called CDW I got someone in 10secs, so not to bad. If more than a minute I would hang up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I often bought IBM laptops with a note “Ships in 1-2 weeks” but I usually got them in max 4 days, and those were shipped to the US from their plant in China or Mexico (confirmed by UPS tracking).


I saw the 3pk + DL on clearance at the local WalMart for like $ 8 a week ago. I didn’t post because there weren’t many and I figured they’d all be gone before I could post anyway. (I didn’t buy any because I still find that too expensive and by the time I feel like messing with DL they’ll hopefully be cheaper anyway)


I wish I could have gotten to that 3pk DL for 8 bucks. I would have scarfed that stuff up…
And resold to others for the regular 20-24 bucks price… muhahahahahaha


it is a good price if you buy in large quantity to save on shipping, and ETA is not too far off


I wonder if the price was a mistake. NEWEGG usually is very competitive in pricing and the same item is $17.99 plus $4 shipping for each item.


I dont think it is a price mistake, the price of DL discs is going down because I am seeing more in bulk pack. But still, over $2 per disc. Walmart has movie for $4.88 and $5.50, good titles to choose from. So I’d rather buy those movies than burning them on DVD9 discs


but was that Verbatim or some other brand. As for the incompatibility issues with -R D/L, those will soon be solved with the advent of Nero’s LJR (Layer Jump Recording) update that is due out in a couple of weeks.


It took a little over one week when I ordered a Dell D800 notebook (with 1920*1200 screen) and it was shipped from Singapore, not so far away from Seoul. IBM+UPS=very efficient!


The first thing I don’t like in DVD movies is that I have to peel off the protective vinyl cover. In Seoul, some DVD titles cost a little under US$2 but average price is nearly US$10 per title. Instead of distributing movies on DVD disks, distributing over the Internet lines is also an option like MP3 downloads. LG and KT in South Korea allows unlimited MP3 downloads for their mobile subscribers (but only South Korean music.) Average speed is between 1MB/s to 10MB/s. Usually 3-6MB/s so 10TB per month which is about 1,500 DVD movies or 300 HD 1920*1080 movies of two hours with MPEG-2 compression. Buying that many DVD titles would cost anywhere from US$2,000 to US$30,000 here but downloading using one PC with hot-swappable SATA II HDDs should take less than US$100 including both for the line and download subscription per month and 10TB HDDs can’t cost more than US$4,000 while HDD prices are falling forever (and you can always erase those you don’t want to have longer or compress them to MPEG-4 saving much further.)

What I mean is movies and music on CDs and DVDs cost too much compared to Internet, TV, and radio. Because they have different philosophies among those running entertainment companies like Columbia and those running broadband internet suppliers and TV and radio stations. It wasn’t that long ago TVs and internet and even electricity and phones remained only for the few or only limited time use was available.


I love Korean movies, especially my sassy girl, hook me up with those networks kenshin