Verbatim 32x cdrw on liteon 52327S doesn't work

I just bought a Sony CRX230E drive which is a 52327S clone. I flashed the Liteon QS0B fw onto the drive.

However, my Verbatim CDRW 32x 650MB does not work :a

Nero 5.5 (tried and burns the disc fine, however when I try to access its contents through my computer, it tells me to insert a disk. CDSpeed also shows the disc to be “Blank” instead of “Data CD”. The same crap happens whether I choose to burn at 24 or 32x.

the Verbatim 24x 650MB burns and reads fine on this drive.

What is happening? I noticed after Nero has quick/full erased this 32x, the drive will eject the disc but this does not happen with the 24x disc. WTF?

Nero Infotool thinks the 32x disc is a 1x CDRW, but SmartBurn correctly identifies it as 32x.

I am using WinXP Pro SP1. The Liteon is on its own ata cable connected to a Silicon Image ata133 card.