Verbatim 32x CDRW in USA

Anybody bought any of them yet, and where?

I think Aviationwiz, over at CDRLabs bought some, and dolphinus_rex has burnt them on his Plextor Premium.

Yeah, I got some online, but the shipping was more than the discs.
Anybody seen them in stores?

I bought a 10-pack (Verbatim at for $10.79 (buy over $25 worth of stuff and shipping is free) only to find out 32x cd-rw discs writes only on 32x rewritable drives… =(
So now I have 8 sealed discs lying around, 2 discs where burnt on my cousins Sony DRU530A which is very strange because his all-in-one drive supports only 24x cd-rw, but he could write to the discs at 16x (I couldn’t write on it at all with my Plextor PX-708A). Interesting indeed. If anyone out there has a 32x rewritable drive and want these 8 sealed discs I have lying around I’ll sell them for $8.00 w/ shipping.