Verbatim 321240AL

Hello everybody,

I have what may come as a stupid question that may have been answered in another post, however, I figure I’d give it a try.
Last year I purchased a Verbatim 321240AL CDRW and I need some information about making it go faster.
I am actually going on hearsay, since a friend told me that I needed to update the firmware and that would make it burn faster.
If this can be done, then how can it be done?
I apologize to the board if this is a dumb newbie question, but I just need to get to the bottom of this and make a decision on whether to buy another burner that burns at higher speeds or simply overclock this one…

Thanks all in advanced…

Yes, it can be done. Check out this thread in the Lite-ON forum for the firmware that you need (XSU1) and then use MTK WinFlash to flash the firmware onto your drive.

A million thank you’s …I’ll have a look see…