Verbatim 2x Blu-ray recordable and rewriteable media ships

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Verbatim Shipping Blu-ray Recordable and
Rewriteable Media Verbatim® Corporation today announced the immediate availability of its 2X speed Blu-ray write-once (BD-R) and …

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This looks to be about 26-27 dollars US for the recordable and 32 dollars for the re-writable media.

2 guys in cleveland and 1 guy in atlanta are going to be really excited over this news!

I think it’s suggested retail price otherwise it’s twice the amount as Phillips BD media

Hard discs are starting to look cheap at that price.

Seems reasonable due to the amount of storage on this disc. Now if the drives would start dropping. Verbatim’s are known for there quality discs too.

40 cents for a 4 gig dvd x 6 is $2.40 They have to move the decimal point on those disks before I get too excited about using them for backup. That will determine when I start using them.

OK. How much faster will these discs drop in price per GB to acceptable levels than previous popular formats, like CD & DVD. CD took over a decade, DVD took about half a decade. Anyone here think we’ll see