Verbatim 24X CD-RW

Hi. Long time reader, first time poster. I recently bought a 25 pack spindle of Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-RW rated 16-24X speed, from CompUSA. I have a Plextor 708A, with latest firmware, 1.04. I used Nero to burn an audio CD. The CD-RW is made by Mitsubishi. Here’s the problem:

When I finished burning, the first 4 tracks out of 18 or so were horribly distorted. It was skipping very rapidly. The rest were fine. When I looked on the CD-RW, there was a lighter shade on the inner first half of the CD, compared to the rest of the burned CD. This coincided with the bad tracks. I tried to burn the exact same compilation on a Memorex 10X CD-RW, made by crappy CMC, and it plays perfectly, on my PC and stereo. The album is 70 minutes long. Any ideas on how I can make it work?

First rule of thumb, try burning it at different speed first and see how it works. Lower burning rate to 16x, first and go down until find a good spot.

First, thanks for the quick reply. The problem is, in Nero, there isn’t an option for a lower burning speed, just 24X. Have you heard of the different colored rings? Is it normal? I have personally never seen anything like this. Even with a full erase, the first 10-15% of the inner CD is a lighter shade then the rest of the CD. AFAIK, that’s the problem area, the rest of the CD seems fine.

just burned a audio cd with a Verbatim 32X CD-RW
in under 3 mins and it sounds perfect
anyone else try the 32x rw media yet…

On CDR’s you can sometimes see the defects after burning, they will be a patch of dye that’s a different shade

OK I got this from another post, but the quote probably explains my problems. Seems I got a bad batch from Verbatim, will be getting a replacement soon…

Hmmm,Not a good idea to even think about burnign audio to CD-RW media, this is a definite no no…

Well you can but expect problems.

WASHAC, why is this a definite no-no, (with the right players) I do this all the time with verbatim 24x, perfect results!

More than can be said for Memorex CD-RW 24X