Verbatim 24x 700MB CDRW Tests

Here are some real life performance tests for the brand new Verbatim 24x 700MB CDRW media.

This stuff is growing off trees over here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Posting this around a few forums so people can see what to expect from Ultra Speed CDRW media and drives.


2 brand new Verbatim 24x 700MB CDRW, one burned at 16x and the other 24x.


See sig Liteon 48246K F/ware SK0A

Media Info:

BRAND NEW. 1st Time burn

Disc Type, Material = HSCD-RW, Phase Change
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 34s 24f
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = Mitsubishi
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 24X

Data Info

2106 Files, 238 Folders = 700MB recorded data

Recording Time (Might be of interest as this is the 6K SFF drive)

16x: 5m30s CLV

24x: 5m14s CAV


Data recovery back to hard drive was 17x AVERAGE read (non sequential) for both the 16x and 24x burns on 2 different brands of DVD/CDROM readers.

32x AVERAGE sequential read for both burns on those same readers.

CD speed results:

Passes scan disk and quality test with perfect results.


Recorded at 16x

Recorded at 24x


Tested a disk that has been written to 10+ times with quick erase only. Very similar results. In fact much lower C1 values but the shape of the graph the same (see test 2 below). Media seems to retain it’s quality for multiple writes. :slight_smile:

Full erase not needed - seems to make little difference to final burn.

Scan disk can be a bit flaky and give different results when you run it multiple times on the same disk. One time it might show a yellow sector, the next all green, the next several yellow - all on the same burn. Approx. 4/5 times the disk checks all green.

No C2 errors to report after multiple writes to different disks.

One burn resulted in slower reading and a yellow band in scan disk. After a quick erase and burn, the disk was back to normal giving green on several subsequent burns.


One “used” Verbatim 24x 700MB CDRW. Written to 10 times with different data before undergoing these tests.

Quick erase only before each subsequent write.


Write 1 - 24x CD speed data write

Write 2 - 24x 2106 Files, 238 Folders = 700MB recorded data

Write 3 - 24x CD speed data write

Write 4 - 16x 2106 Files, 238 Folders = 700MB recorded data

Write 5 - 24x CD speed data write


After several writes, it’s actually performing better in its “used” state compared to when it was brand new!

Again all green and no slow downs in cd speed scan and quality check.

Finally, after 15 writes, here is the standard 8x CD Doc read test, although not a very good indication of real life performance.

Some more pictures with LiteOn 52246S:

I’ll just add that the graphs above (CLV 16x) show very similar error performance to my old mitsumi 4804TE 4x CLV drive and datastone/infodisk/memorex 4x CDRW media, but burns nearly four times quicker! Impressive that standards have been kept in check - some others struggle to do this with higher speed CDRW’s.

I’ve heard really bad things about datastone/infodisk/memorex cdrw’s, but I have 9 that are over 2 years old, been used MANY times and still going strong! I’ve never used full erase and they all have no C2 errors and about the same or lower C1’s than the graphs above for the Verbatim! Just tested them now to compare! They must have liked the mitsumi drive because I never had an issue with their (and others) 4x CDRW’s. Perhaps it’s only the faster stuff that’s crap from memorex.

Surprising that the 24x Verbatim media required a “settling in” period however for best performance. Or perhaps it performs better when the disk is warm/recently written too! Who knows, I’m no expert. My old CDRW’s may have been the same but my old drive couldn’t report errors.

Still, if they’re no C2 errors it doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile: