Verbatim 24x 700 MB RW



Following this thread andthis thread:

Who of you can use 700 MB ultra-speed cd-rws in your Plextor 48/24 drive, and who can’t?
Several people in the abovementioned threads can’t burn Mitsubishi 700 MB ultra speed RWs, while others can! Same drive, same firmware, same disc… The answer by the plextor support was that “these discs are out of specs and are not supported…”, although the plextor home page lists them as recommended media :eek:
So do these discs work in your drive?


The US-RW discs I got with the Plextor 48X drive were manufactured by Mitsubishi and they work just fine here. TLA #0000.


650 MB or 700 MB? The problem only affects 700 MB discs.


Oops sorry, I was referring to the 650MB discs. I have no 700MB US-RW discs here unfortunately.


Originally posted by alexnoe
The problem only affects 700 MB discs.

No problems here: PX-W4824A and Premium. Writing quality however is not very good, the Premium performs a little better than the PX-W4824A, but my DVD-player shows many artefacts during playback of SVCDs. I would recommend using US-RW (Verbatim DLP either 650 or 700 MB) only for short-term purposes (like transportation of something to a friend). For testing SVCDs in my DVD-player I only use HS-RW (10x speed), since US-RW is simply not watchable.

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My Plextor 48/24/48 USB does also not want to burn it at 12x; it refuses burning them at all.
Strange is as well that out of my 10 package of Sony CDRWs 10x, the plextor will some not burn at 10x, but at 4x.
But these are the only problems, the drive is working perfect.