Verbatim 20-pack DVD+R DL (2.4x-6x) $19.99 AR @ newegg with free shipping too. Rebate is good through 10/23 and is paid as a Visa debit card.


Nice find–at Newegg, of course! Thank you.


to me 6 dollars ain’t even worth your time to send in. 10 dollars is about the MINIMUM that’s worth it in my opinion. (no offense, and thanks anyways as i am sure others will like this :wink: )

but at it’s regular $25.99 + Free Ship. that’s already a solid price for the Verbatim discs :slight_smile:

p.s. plus they give it out in a CARD now? … seems like it would be cheaper for them to just use standard checks like they usually do.


It might be “cheaper for them to use standard checks”–unless they are getting an “incentive” from someone who would profit from these troublesome cards. How about VISA and its charge to the merchant where you redeem your cards?

As for what “they usually do,” you had better get used to these kinds of card-rebates. I just built a new computer and had three rebates from different companies, and these rebates came in the form of VISA card-rebates.

Rebate or no rebate, $25.00 plus free shipping is, as you say, “a solid price for the Verbatim discs.”

Add to this the fact that I don’t have to waste any more time and car expenses going to a store like Best Buy–only to find out that they are “Sold Out” on the first day of the sale! Again, Thank You, Newegg.


Also, these very well could be made in India, not Singapore.

I got my order already and the ones I got are made in Singapore.

Good Find OP

The reason for the card is Phase 2 of the rebate story:a
Phase 1 you never got the rebate : it was lost, wrong etc
Phase 2 grudgingly send money as a card and hope customer loses, uses it partially, it expires etc
(vs a check = 100% redemption of funds):wink:

Don’t forget bing for an extra 2%

My two packs came today, and both were made in Singapore. Of the many packs which I have bought from Newegg, all have been made in Singapore. I do recall, however, some Newegg customers complaining about receiving Verbatim DLs made in India.

I saw a few packs of Verbatim DLs made in India on shelves in Best Buy and Office Max about nine months or so ago, but I have not seen any recently. (Did Verbatim decide to do something–after listening to all the complaints?)

Still, it always pays to “Read the label and set a better table” for your DVD DL burner.


Crap, the offer has expired and I missed out. When are these things going to come down in price ? Still no other disk that compares equal in quality for a lower price ???

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