Verbatim 2.4X to 8X D/L DVD+R 10 PK



Just wanted to show everyone that prices are still coming down on D.L media. Supermedia has them currently for $29.99 - $10.00 rebate minus another $6.00 rebate and free shipping for $13.99 or $1.40 each.


For those that do not mind rebates, Verbatim D/L under $1.50 each.

No way I am going to mess with 2 rebates though. I have had very little luck when it comes to double rebates.

I think it is great to see these coming down in price though.

The day when they get to around a $1.00 each is when I will really start using D/L media.

CL Gerow


one $16 rebate might be worth it, but who the heck wants to wait for a check in the mail for $6?

but you are right…it’s good proof that the prices are becoming more reasonable. pretty soon the regular sale prices will become the sticker price (hopefulyl sooner than later!)


Well I’ll order one and give it a shot. Thanks for the info.


Jeepers that is cheap - they still cost $10-$15 each!!

Wish I could get some :slight_smile:



$10-$15 each? What country are you located in?


It seems like both rebates want the original UPC code… Is it just me or are those one per package???


usually in those cases the manufacturer gets the original and the store or reseller will accept a copy.

i’d definitely contact one or the other before purchasing though to make sure you don’t get screwed.



From South Africa :slight_smile: