Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL Bad Burns - Wow

I swear I would not believe this if I had not seen it with my own 2 eyes. Before you jump to conclusions, I know what I am doing when it comes to DL backups. :wink:

I have used double layer Verbatims for almost 1.5 years–for a total of over 75 DL backups. Well, the package that I purchased a few days ago, is the definitely the bad apple of the bunch… Check out the scan below. I actually burned 4 discs from the pack, and they all give me more or less the same results. (I don’t want to test anymore since I plan to send these back to Verbatim.)

I follow standard procedure when it comes to DL backups:

  • I burn at 2.4x since that is all my drive supports.
  • I don’t use the computer during the burn process.
  • The HD is defragged.
  • etc.

These are the regular, old 2.4x DL discs found in a 20 pack spindle.

Make sure you scan your discs even if they are Verbs. It is very possible that a bad batch of double layer Verbatims are in retail stores. I doubt this problem would be limited to 1 20-pack.

It could even be that Verbatim is outsourcing the production of the DL discs to other companies which make discs which are incompatible to the MKM write strategy of the burner…

Does the cakebox say “Made in Singapore”?

Could be anything here, even that the drive wears out or needs a proper cleaning…

This is my result with the same support. :confused:

It seems that layer 0 is more bad than layer 1…

My burner is new, and this is my first support that i used with it.

Yes… :frowning: what mean?

Means genuine most likely.

Regardless if the burner is new or old - other things are more important like what softwares/drivers are installed and how reliable the PSU is…

I have done some testing with other Verbatim DVD+R DL discs.

I purchased a smaller pack of Verbatim DL discs from a different store. As it turns out, my DVD burner is fine. Check out the results below.

Without a doubt there is a bad batch of Verbatim DL discs out there. Anyone else in a similar situation?

(Ignore the spike at the layer change.)

There is actually [I]nothing wrong at all[/I] with this scan. Don’t take such PIE variations too seriously, even less so with DL media. Keep you eye on PIF values. :wink:

So it was the media… mmhh… you should try to have these exchanged, either with the dealer, or with Verbatim themselves. :iagree:

Ok, thanks…:bigsmile: