Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL - 20-Pack - $23.99 - Free Shipping - NewEgg



Yes, I know what you are thinking. Most people on FatWallet and SlickDeals are reporting that they are receiving MIS packs.

And for those that don’t know, this media burns best at 4x, if your burner has support for that.


Ordered 11/13 and got today.

Made in Singapore. :slight_smile:



[QUOTE=mshan242700;2159492]Ordered 11/13 and got today.

Made in Singapore. :slight_smile:


Made in Singapore here as well. Best deal on them I’ve gotten since I got Sony Branded Verbs for $1 a disc a year ago.


Many thanks from my household’s xbox 360 & me for passing along this deal.



i have ordered these about 3 times over the past few months at this price and they have always been made in Singapore.


Price drop to $23.99.


[QUOTE=negritude;2162700]Price drop to $23.99.[/QUOTE]
Title updated accordingly as requested


Thanks a million negritude:clap:


all over it. My DL supply was getting low.


Yess perfect timing. Made in Singapore ftw.


Are these plain DL or DL-RW? The pictures have RW but the description doesn’t…


[QUOTE=Slash588;2163702]Are these plain DL or DL-RW? The pictures have RW but the description doesn’t…[/QUOTE]

These are DVD+R DL. DVD+RW DL is super rare, super expensive, and can’t even be used with current burners. Plus, it’s already obsolete, as manufacturers have moved on to BD-RE (Rewritable Blu-Ray). You’ll probably never see DVD+RW DL in stores.

Also, the spindle has a tiny icon for the DVD+RW Alliance. That is an industry logo that has nothing to do with the media inside the package. That’s just stamped on there to specify that the media was manufactured to industry standards.


Ah, didn’t know all that…thanks:D


Price went up by $1 but still good.


Got my box today (ordered on Thanksgiving) and both packs were made in Singapore:D


Ordered Friday, got them today, Singapore as well.


[QUOTE=51mmz0rz;2167977]Ordered Friday, got them today, Singapore as well.[/QUOTE]

Microcenter has the same for 25 bucks and the 15-pack true 8x for 22 bucks. All seem to be MIS, as far as I can check. At my local BB, the 2.4x is MII, and the true 8x is MIS.


[QUOTE=Coconut;2168264]Microcenter has the same…[/QUOTE]

Link Here:

Unfortunately, no free shipping, unlike NewEgg, and even fewer stores than Fry’s Electronics. Good if you have one local to you.


Hmm… I have never tried the 8x:)


anyone got some scan from Newegg Verbatim DL MKM001 ?

Micro Center ( six - 20pack ) Best Buy ( one- 20pack )
was very bad batch last 2 month