Verbatim 2.4x DL's MIS in the new wrapper

Anyone tried these MIS Verbatim’s that come in the new wrapper? They definately say MIS, but they’ve change the style of the discs themselves. They are lighter, the surface is shinier, and it doesn’t say Double Layer on them, says DVD+R DL instead.

I would imagine they should be just as good as the old style, just wondering if anyone’s had an experience with them?

Got a link?

[QUOTE=LOCOENG;2019844]Got a link?[/QUOTE]

Here is all I could find on them. :confused:

they still show the old wrapper on their website. The new wrapper looks exactly like the new MII wrapper, except it says made in singapore?

getit29’s link shows the picture that looks exactly like what I bought. They seem to be available in both MII and MIS spindles, so it looks like Verbatim is churning them out of both countries.

I just did a scan on one i burned on that nero program and got a 95, so the MIS ones seem to be ok (burn on an sh-203b , scanned on a benq1655).