Verbatim 2.4x DL $22.99 at Meritline



Check it out!


Rima will beat that price for 10-packs, and will actually deliver the goods on time. :wink:


They were #2 on the list at pricegrabber:
Verbatim DVD+R 8.5GB, DL, 2.4X , 10-Pack (95166)
Code: 1866
Price: $23.50


Pricegrabber is good for lots of things but NEVER media deals. Not to mention that the 10 for $20 in store specials on these are pretty frequent. After factoring in shipping costs you are paying almost $10 more per pack as compared to the sales. That and meritline’s reputation sucks arse.


You aren’t factoring in shipping costs buddy. Meritline rapes you on shipping charges. $27.81 shipped for me for the Verbs from rima and $29.82 shipped from meritline AFTER entering in the coupon code. Neither of which is a great deal but definitely better to order from rima if you had to choose between the two. Rima’s customer service, processing times, ect. run circles around meritline and you save a couple of $. ALWAYS FACTOR IN SHIPPING COSTS BEFORE MAKING AN ONLINE PURCHASE!!!


Jesterrace is absolutely right. It’s sad how suckers fall for the Meritline BS.


You callin’ me a sucka? :sad: Why…I oughtta…

My bad, though. You are absolutely right. Meritline plays a lot of games with shipping and it changes daily. When I posted this, my cart came up with $1.89 UPS Ground shipping for a total of $24.88 after coupon on Meritline (but only after I logged in to my account). Tried today on both without logging in:
Mertiline = $25.99 - $3.00 coupon + [B][U]$7.90[/U][/B] shipping = $30.89
Rima = $23.50 + $4.72 shipping = $28.22


Heh. Even if that were so (original shipping price you quoted), I would still pay the extra $3 just to avoid dealing with meritline. I still say they have the shoddiest business practices of any of the online media stores in the US.



Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to give Rima a try. I must be one of the lucky ones, I’ve bought about half my media from Meritline and I’ve never had a problem. I get what I ordered, when they told me I’d have it, and (until now) at the best prices I could find.

I wouldn’t mind finding a 10 for $20 deal on these at a brick and mortar. Since I must bow to your superior media-deal-sniffing skills :bow: Which stores are you finding that kind of steal?


It alternates but Bestbuy, Circuit City, Staples, CompUSA and Officemax have all had these sales at one point or another. The stores usually alternate weeks, so that is why they have been pretty easy to track down.


Now you are one of the lucky ones. Although I’m not in those stores every day, I check media prices at them all every time I’m in there and I’ve never seen this media at anything less than $3.00 a disc! Usually it’s more like $3.50!! I guess I need to get off the internet and browse my local stores more often. Thanks again.


The 10 for $20 sales on this media are more rare than is usually implied around here. The best deal I see with any frequency is about $24 for 10 from newegg (shipping included in price of course).

They do a free or $1 shipping deal fairly often, maybe once every few weeks. I get my DL this way.


Hmm the last couple of weeks there really haven’t been any specials on the D/L Verbatim but they certainly aren’t rare. I agree that if you can get in on the newegg deal that that would probably be the best option if you absolutely cannot wait until they go on sale again. Watch out for the shipping though. Newegg changes their shipping costs faster than most people breathe air. EDIT Just found this post in the blank media forum. It isn’t garanteed but it is worth having a look at:


I replied to that thread. There was nothing at my local BB.


I hit every one, BB, CC, OM and Staples, two stores each on my way home last night. Result: $32.99 to $34.99 for a 10 pack. I like the newegg deal though. I’m on there almost daily. I wouldn’t mind 23.99 w/ free shipping. I’m used to their shipping changes. I bought my 1655 from them. The unit was priced at 49.99 but the shipping went 4.89, 1.89, free, 1.89, 4.89 over a five day span.


Bingo!! The local CompUSA is not on the same tangent as the other stores on my drive home so I hit it tonight. The 95166 SKU Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x 10 pack, last one on the shelf, Manager’s Special at $21.98. Out the door for $23.46 after sales tax. That’s 18.8739 EUR if you’re listening, Greg.


Here you go – $24 shipped:

Not only a much better price, but from a much more reputable company.


If that is the genuine 8x rated Verbatims and not simply the 2.4x that can overspeed to 8x then that is a great deal. I just hope that this means the 2.4x will have some good clearance sales on them in the near future.


That SKU (95166) is the 2.4x rated. They’ll burn nicely at 4x in a BenQ 1655, acceptable at 6x but not good, and not at 8x if you want anything above a 50QS. Still, I think I’ll pop for a couple packs, I just needed to buy some at the brick and mortar for $23.46 to magically make the price come down online.!


I’ve seen better price on those at local retail. I paid $20 for 10 at Bestbuy 5 months ago. If those were the 8X +R DL, then it is a good deal