Verbatim 2.4x DL - 12/31 only ($9.99/10 discs)

It’s their daily deal.


Thanks for the heads up dreamliner.


It’s their daily deal.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info dreamliner77 :slight_smile:
it isn’t price drop ??? I can’t find any info about daily deal ???
I want some buy many but I can’t go today :sad::sad::sad:

It’s on the homepage of the site. (new one everyday)

[QUOTE=dreamliner77;2186746]It’s on the homepage of the site. (new one everyday)[/QUOTE]

Thanks again dreamliner77 :slight_smile:
Sigh…daily deal :sad:

Any chance of free shipping? Too far from me to drive.

No free shipping on mine. Plus tax. Still an ok deal.

Deal is back but $10.99 for 10pack
Today Jan / 24 Only