Verbatim 2,.4x dl 10 pc spindle 56.99 @ bb



before i get flamed, i know its not the best price, but its the first i’ve seen of these (a 10 pc spindle, not the single packaged 3 pac) and at $5.70 a disc maybe dual layer media is startin to fall. let the flamin begin.


good to see DL disc in bulk pack


got one of these two days ago…


For Verbatim D/L media that isn’t bad at all.


i got these acouple of weeks ago.glad to see others getting them.
does anyone or can anyone post a scan please


here’s a scan of one…not a completely full disc though (1:1 backup of LOTR:TT SpecExt DVD 1 of 4)…really nice results @ 6x on both of my PX-716As…