Verbatim + 2.4 DL 10-pack for USD 20 at Microcenter



This price will remain for the month (May).

The three-pack is USD 13 (it was USD 9 last month). The certified 8x (real 8x) 5-pack is USD 25 like at BestBuy.


$6 shipping brings the total to $26.


Yeah but for those with a microcenter in their area, they won’t have to pay shipping.


Yep, $19.99 plus sales tax, out the door for $21.34, plus now I have a receipt that I can use the $8 rebate with. BTW, make sure to ask the sales guys to label them properly or they will ring up at MicroCenter’s standard $34.99 price.


The rebate has on it (at least that’s the only one that has been discussed in another thread), can you use it with Microcenter?


No :a. See my signature.


I was in MicroCenter last night and specifically checked if they had the DL 10 packs as I needed one. There was one on the shelf for $35.


See post #4. There were three boxes hanging on the endcap at my local MC, all stickered at $34.99. I asked the salesman, he said they had another 240 boxes in the back and were stickering them at $19.99. He brought me a new barcode label. The one on the box will come up $34.99. Other alternative: order online for instore pickup, guarantees the price and no shipping charges.


Maybe I’ll have to make another trip back this tweakend.


Last time I bought a 10-pack at USD 20, about three months ago, there was a saleswoman who manually placed a barcode label for the sale price on my unit when I picked it up. Sale items are not always marked as such in MC stores (same thing at my local Walgreens), and sometimes the only way to know is to look up the Web site (!). MC is sometimes sloppy about enforcing sale prices, as I saw some customers having to point out sale prices of what they bought on the sales circular to the checkout persons. It is not like at BB or Staples where all sale items are automatically rung up on the computer at the sale prices. But I have never had any trouble with sale prices at MC.


I went to my local MC, and as I expected there was a sign to the effect that the three-pack was USD 12 but there was no sign about the sale price of the 10-pack. All 10-packs still individually bore their normal price, USD 35. I picked one up to buy and went to the checkout, and the sale price came up correctly, USD 20.

MC is not always a streamlined store like Staples, BB, etc. It is big but apparently works more like a mom-and-pop store. That’s its charm to me!


Me too! I headed there to upgrade my MX440 64MB to a bargain basement FX5200 128MB video card so my kids could play Republic Commando with decent resolution (they paid the $40). Well, the salesman talked me up to a FX5500 256MB for 8 bucks more. When RC didn’t support it, they exchanged the open box and gave me my 8 bucks, the only question was: Why don’t you want it?