Verbatim 2.4 -8X 10 pk at NewEgg.Com for 12.99

If you purchase Verbatim 2.4 -8X 10 pk at for 20.99 plus shipping between now and July 31 you can turn in a rebate for 8.00 per pk to reduce the price to 12.99 per pk.

These are Dual layers

+5 bucks s/h =17.99

Yup, that one has been up for a while. You can do better. Newegg has the 20 packs for $43 shipped with no rebates necessary.

$17.99/10 = $1.80 each
$43.00/20 = $2.15 each

He said no rebates, newegg price fluctuates, I’d wait till they throw in free shipping. I already received the $8 rebate from last month purchase, and dont know if they are gonna honor it again. But I will wait for free shipping. Last month I got it for $8 after Rebate for a spindle of 10, it was $16 with free shipping and $8 rebate.

Yup, given the number of rebates that mysteriously get lost or cannot be honored for one reason or another, I don’t see them as “money in the bank” until I actually get the rebate check in the mail. I bought the 10 pack from newegg when they had that crazy sale going at the end of may and I am still waiting on the $8MIR from them. That being said I was in the process of moving last month, so I didn’t get it sent off until about the middle of last month (had to confirm new address).

But I will wait for free shipping.
As of 3:15am eastern time on Wed July 19, the shipping is free. Of course this probably won’t last long so get it while you can.