Verbatim 16x

I just recently bought a 50 pack of Verbatim 16x printable dvd-r
and was wondering what the quality would be burning at 16x,
I have an Pioneer 109 dvd burner and the software I use is Clonedvd2
with Anydvd. I have only burnt at 4x & 8x before and the quality was good

Pioneer drives typically excel with DVD-R media. In my experience, MCC03RG20 does okay with the 109 at 16x, but 12x is better.

The only way for you to find out is to try burning at 16x and then check the quality. If its bad drop to a lower speed. Its hard for us to tell you as all media batches and dvd drives vary. I’m sure people on here have their own experiences with this, but it would be much better if you just tried it for yourself.

I only have one drive where MCC 16X is as good at 16X and it is not the case with -R. I would recommend 12X.

While I also have read a lot of post assuminf Pioneer drives burn -R better than +R, I never found this to be true on the 109, tested with 12 types of media and 3 different firmware. They were all readable, but the best burn was with Verbatim MCC 003 8X +R.

Thank you all for the advise I wiil experiment by burning at 16x,12x & 8x
and compare the quality of each burn :smiley:

I have now burnt at 16,12 and 8 times and was suprised that the quailty of all
burns seemed to be the same. I have chosen to burn at 12x as it is the halfway mark Thanx once again for the advice

Glad it worked out. Stick with +R and it might turn out that 16X is as good. A lot of firmware improvements seem to be aimed at 16X burns and media.