Verbatim 16x

I just bought some 16x DVD-R Verbatim. A 25 pack for $11.99 at Bestbuy. Anyways I have the Pioneer A08 retail version with the 1.18 firware installed. These disc’s have the same burn time as my 8x TDK being burnt at 12x. The both end up at 6:50. Is there anything I can do to make the burns faster?

Any thoughts?

No, except changing the writer to A09 or the fastest LG 4163. But be resonable… do you really need that speed gain?

I keep reading to many bad things about the A09 here on this fourm. The A08 for me is a great drive with sweet burns. I think I am being resonable I paid for a 16x drive so it should burn faster at 16x then at 12x. Maybe another firmware update will be needed in the near future.

My Pioneer 109 burns faster and better at 12x than 16x with 16x Verbatims (both -R and +R). But the quality is still below my Philips and LG burners at these speeds.

I am not convinced that 16x Verbatims suit the 109. The 16x BeAll seem to better.

Perhaps the new firmware will improve the 16x writing.

I also bought some original Verbatim Printable 16x DVD-Rs. I just noticed a curious thing while burning them with latest DVD Decrypter and my DVR-109 (fw 1.17):

  1. If I burn a ritek G05 disk (I have 3 brand of them) and I set burning speed to 8x or 12x, the disc is always done at 8x (@ 50% circa Pioneer tries to increase speed to 12x but returns burning @ 8x) but the point is that burning speed always starts @ 6x then jumps quickly to 8x after recalibrating (the writing pauses and then resumes) and goes on burning @ 8x 'till the end.

  2. Burning a Verbatim 16x disk is a totally different story: writing immediately starts @8x and then costantly and slowly increases until the end of the DVD. I wrote a 4,4gb DVD and the average speed was 10,5x while tha maximum speed reached was 14,7x (DVD Decrypter infos after finalization).

I have 3 DVR-109 and 1 DVR-108 and 108 writes with original fw 1.18 any Ritek G05 @ 12x with no problem.


  1. Maybe you got some B-Grade/cheap media, because I have the same problem with some cheap G05’s, on the other hand, my G05 from Primedisc burn like a charm. Both are printables. But it’s better to slow down on such media to burn good results, then to produce coasters.

  2. Verbatim 16x is writen in CAV-Modus. That means, that the speed increases constantly.

I got great results on Verbatim 16x DVD+R with 1.17. I havn’t tried yet on 1.40/8.40.

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