Verbatim 16x with Pioneer DVR-110D



I need some help to improve the quality of my burnings… I have attached a screenshot of a disc I have burned, all my discs are like this, and I would really like to burn the discs at a better quality.

I have tried various different brands of discs, and last I tried this Verbatim media. Verbatim is the one I perform best with(som of the others like ritek I perform really really bad with)… I dont really know what I can do to improve my burnings, this disc I burned at 8x, but its still messy, and I have the latest firmware for my drive…

You think I need to buy a new dvd burner or any other ideas(before this drive I had a DVR-107, it also performed bad)? In the beginning my drive and other drives can read my discs well, but when they start to get around 1 year old or so, they get really hard to read. They are stored in my living room in dvd boxes. I burn all my dvds with either Nero or DVD Decrypter.


Pioneer drives aren’t reliable scanners. The best scanners are Plextor, BenQ or Lite-On DVD writers. I bet you’re results would look completely different in one of those drives.

  1. Try a Transfer Rate test. Is it fine?
  2. Click “Advanced” and switch from 8ECC to 1ECC mode. Also set the slider from Accuracy to Speed to get a more accurate (if at all) result.
  3. Pioneer models before 111 were even more unreliable with scanning than they are now.


I’ve made a benchmark and a disk quality test with 1ecc and speed instead, attached 2 screens.

So what are you saying, my discs are ok or? Just my drive that is bad at testing?

Some of the real old ritek and sunstar(lol) media I have is basicly unuseable, ~2 years after I burnt them… Is that just because the media is bad? When I do a benchmark on the old disks, it flickers alot more in the end of the disc, than what you can see on the Verbatim. Will the Verbatim also flicker more and more as time goes?

You think my Verbatim burns will last longer than this now? Because in my eyes 2 years for a DVD is just bad, too unreliable.


The scan is already much better now :clap:
Is your Verbatim media made in Taiwan or made in India? Which factory made it?
Verbatim media is usually very stable, but still this doesn’t look very good. Do you have any other media to try, burn and scan (so we can find out whether this is a quirk of your drive or bad media to blame)?


These Verbatims were made in India… It’s the only recordable dvds I have atm :stuck_out_tongue:

I do have some old ritek media I have burnt, but they are bad… Some of the old ones I cant read the last 500mb of the media… useless :stuck_out_tongue: