Verbatim 16x retail spindles

Ok, out with it. What?

Heh, just giving a heads up that they’ll be available soon (hopefully).

they have been avalable for a while now at least the verbatim 16x+r’s

Not 50 disc spindles.

true, but he should have wrote that as i didnt go to the links, i was commenting to post #3 :slight_smile:

that will be good when they come in 50 tho and it would be even better if they where at .50 cents a slice (per disc), Newegg, and, have had the Verbatim 16x DVD+R in spindles of 50 for a couple weeks. It’s the hub-printable discs tho. Here they are at Newegg’s site. Another site (can’t remember which) also offered the printables in spindles of 100.

I think has got the Verbatim 16x DVD-R spindles too.

You can get the 16X DVD-R for around £9 for 25 in the UK. Try here:

hub printables are prodisc usually