Verbatim 16x Rebate @ Supermediastore not valid?

I checked my rebate status for 2x25 pack Verbatim 16x DVD+R today, purchased from in the first week of February. The website ( had stated that my rebate was invalid because I had not purchased the item within the proper time frame. The rebate form had specified that the deal was valid from 01/15/05 - 02/15/05. The site states they had received my rebate request on 03/02/05…the deadline for submission is still days ahead on 03/15/05.

I am at a lost at why my rebate is invalid and I feel pretty cheated. Trying to get someone to talk to you on the phone is very difficult, and I have not yet succeeded; but I will try again tomorrow during business hours.

Anyways, I just wanted you guys to know in case you may be in a similar situation (and are not aware of it yet), and also as a warning because I know there is a rebate offer for 16x DVD-R’s at this present time.

call them at the number on the rebate and give em heck. most likely they will validate if not dispute the amount of the rebate on your credit card.


I got my Verbatim rebate back in like 3 weeks for the $30 from Amazon purchase of the Verbatim 8x -R’s



congratulations on your receiving the rebate.

I am still mostly afraid to buy on rebate deals.

A few years back, I got a $20.00
rebate back from Officemax by taking the rejection notice I received (with my original documents) back to the store and raised hell.

They gave me the $20.00 to shut me up. I haven’t done any since.

I think everyone is getting rejected. It appears that the clearing house doesn’t have it set up correctly…

Check the “Stop This Rebate Madness” thread for some helpful tips on dealing with this idiotic rebate insanity. Lots of helpful tips. And make sure supermediastore knows about the hassle you’re getting. They have power to raise hell that consumers don’t.

You and me both. I don’t deal with rebates unless it is a good deal to begin with. That way if I get screwed out of a rebate it is still a decent deal.

Had the same problem with my Verbatim -R 8x rebate from Supermediastore. Those wonderful people at sent me a little love note stating that my upc code didn’t qualify. Excuse my french, but that is such bullshit! I followed the directions to the letter and, luckily, made photocopies of my submission. I called them up from work and asked what the hell was going on. When he looked me up and repeated what I was told on the card, I told him that was ridiculous since I had a photocopy of my submission in front of along with the upc code. I read the code back to him and then he said that they would allow a “one time” over the phone validation of my rebate. I was really tempted to give him hell since he was making it sound like I didn’t follow directions. Since I was being “helped”, cooler heads prevailed.

I then asked him about my +R 8x rebate - “no record” of this submission even though I sent it the same day at the same time. Luckily, he told me to fax the submission over to him (which I did). Hopefully, this will take care of the problem. I’m definitely going to think twice about going for any rebate that has to do with I’d much rather pay a little extra or go for “instant” rebates only. :a

Jesterrace, I think you got it pretty good there. :iagree:


looks like you got the best of the weasel,eh?

Yeah, I love the instant rebate.

Rebates are just a way for the big corperations to screw the little guy even further by taking what IS in essence, an interest-free loan. Actualy, there sort of IS interest involved, in that, the one GIVING the loan, (you,) pays SALES TAX on that loaned money. I personaly feel that the practice of offering “rebates,” should be outlawed all-together, however, you’ll never see that happen because the state adn local governments will no longer be able to collect the sales tax they currently do on this, “Owed money.”


[B]I EMail both Verbatim and the SuperMediaStore on the $30.00 rebate problem. Verbatim has never responded. On the other hand, SuperMediaStore call me for the details and than got the rebates made valid. In addition, they call me back about an hour later stating that they have resolved the issue with the rebate center.

Call them or send them an EMail (It worked for me) !!!



I guess persistence prevailed in your case, eh?