Verbatim 16x +R vs TY 8x +R



I still have time to grab a 25 piece spindle or two of the Verbatim 16x for 9.99.
My question is… has anyone burnt both Verbatim media and TY 8x at 16x and compared the two?? Does the Verbatim produce better results at it’s rated 16x speed than the 8x TY at 16x??
Since my TYs burn at 16x and - without the benefit of PIF scanning - they come out without any errors or playback issues, is it worth it to grab the 16x Verbatims or just keep stocking up on the TYs and FujiFilm TYs…



-Verbatim’s quality vary more than Fuji’s TY .
-Take a note,most of current firmwares,not support well burning on certificated 16x media -Maybe also happened,because these media not finished yet, their revision updates to support most of drives .So this moment Fuji’s TY 8x are more stable.