Verbatim 16X +R inkjet printable, and -R 100 for $20 @ OD B/M YMMV

Verbatim 16X +R inkjet printable, 16X -R, spindle of 100, are on clearance at OD for $20 starting today 05/13/06. Gook luck guys, stole from FW forum, OD clearance thread

I tried my local OD and they wanted 89.99 for 100pcs.
What a joke. Budzos

Same here budzos. I can get the same discs everyday at Sam’s Club for about $42.

Yep same here $89.99
I also get them at Sam’s Club.

I would have bought them for $20.00 per 100 but the regular 16x Verbs go on sale quite often for $15.00 per 50 and I could care less about being IJ printable. If you shop at Sams you should check the Sony MIJ 8x +R’s if your Sams still has them. They were 24.99 for a 50 pack and a 25 pack shrink wrapped together. Some of the packages of 75
have MIT mixed in so you have to look carefully so you don’t get burned.

I came away with squat from Office Depot’s maxell 50 pk sales,and pricematching at 2 other wal-marts also came out zilch for the hitachi maxells.

One of those wal-marts did have their 25 pks of maxell full hub inkjet printable on clearance for $10 a pk,and also had 10 pks of verbatim Lightscribe cd-r for $5

Keep an eye on those clearance aisles at your nearby walmart for those 8x maxells that they seem to be clearing out.


can you post a copy of your receipt

LOL, my receipts get tossed before I get home.

Ok, I was able to stop by at Home Depot near my house today, all Verbatims 16X are out of stock except the inkjet printable one. They are on clearance rack, but the price is not $20. The spindle of 100 is marked down to $44.01 for both -R/+R. The 3 pack DL verbatim is also on clearance for $15. Maxell CD-R pro pack of 10 is marked down to $6.01, MIJ. I guess they are clearing out Verbatim discs. The first wave of clearance is not such a good deal. I guess I have to wait for the 2nd wave of clearance when they further marking down the prices on those verbatim inkjet printable.

These prices represent price hike not clreance. I would never bother with Office Depot clearance prices.