Verbatim 16X +R for $.32 after Rebate at



Stumbled onto this today, but I’ve heard these guys (Meritline) are real dirtballs to deal with. Comments solicited, please.

Thanks !


Dunno, but Rima is excellent. Highly recommended.


Rima doesn’t sell MCC004.


I bought a couple of 25-packs of the 16x Verbatims from Meritline and had no problems whatsoever with the order. The discs have been fabulous in my NEC 3520A. I’ve heard bad things about Meritline, but the two or three orders I’ve placed with them have gone off without a hitch.


Since my original post I have discovered a couple of other details regarding Verbatim DVD+R 16X media: is offering an identical rebate from Verbatim $10/25, $20/50, or $30/75 pcs, but also offers free shipping on a 3X25 order. One of the complaints I have read is that Meritline is a bit stiff on the shipping charge.

Also,, my favorite supplier had the same rebate deal, but it expired on 2/15 and I’m waiting on a reply from them about whether they plan to renew that rebate.

I guess it’s also a good thing that the rebate is through Verbatim instead of meritline or supermediastore.

This is indeed some killer media though in my LiteOn 1673S burner.

My 2 cents worth, and thanks to all that have replied with their info.



pyzon, are you finding the +Rs at supermediastore? I’m seeing only the -R’s there



Looks like the free shipping ended yesterday for the +R’s, but I can’t find a lower price for these so I guess I’m going to give them try.