Verbatim 16x +R DVD 100 Pack $20 Shipped After MIR

Yo- has this great price on these great discs after $13 Mail In Rebate here:

(btw - I personally have gotten every Verbatim rebate I have ever sent in)

If you can, create a google checkout account for an addition $10 off for new accounts. Use a different email or credit card# or something. I purchased a batch last time and got CMC004. Though that was quite awhile back.


Good call-

You can also get $15 off if you sign up for the PayPal discount program offered here:

The last batch I got, of 100s, were Prodisc and just an average burn. Currently there are a lot of problems being reported with the CMC PAP6 discs, I first saw these a few months ago. Just be prepared, MCC 004 is having a lot of problems and you may not like what you get.

Good catch, hopefully these will be good.

Yes, I agree. I’ve had really bad luck with Verbatim 100 packs with rebate. I get the best burns with discs from the 25 packs. I got a batch of 100 PAPA with dye streaks 25% into the pack. :frowning: To me, it seems hit and miss. Also, I have had 100 packs of Verbatim open during shipment, break the lock on the tub, and spill out in the cardboard box with all all the plastic peanuts!

I put in an order and they shipped it a couple of hours later via FedEx! Usually anytime I order something from them its sits at sent to warehouse status for several days. I did choose the free budget shipping option by the way.