Verbatim 16X +R and -R (100 spindle): $25 AR at Amazon

Are these any good and how do they burn in an NEC-3500a with stock firmware?

verbatim discs are very good and that’s an alright price if you don’t mind rebates and waiting for shipping.

someone said Verbs should be on sale next week. sales are usually 14.99/50 (or $30 per 100) and if you can price match it somewhere then it’s just as good as the online price plus you get immediate gratification without a rebate :slight_smile:

as far as how they burn in an NEC 3500a, I couldn’t tell ya, but they are quality media across the board so I imagine they burn well. Check the NEC forum for verb scans and find out!

Rebate? What rebate? I just went to the link you provided, and I saw nothing about a rebate, just a price of $48.99.

$25 MIR still showing up when i click the link…

nm, looks like it’s just -R that have the rebate

yep!!! same here…no freaking rebates plus no free shipping.

Some of the spindles are great and some batches are so-so with Verbatim media, I have found that the 25 and 50 spindles are better than the 100 spindles. Just my observation after going through about 500 of these discs.

Looks like both the +R and -R have sold out.

Offer will probably reappear once Amazon restocks their inventory.