Verbatim 16x +R $23.40 shipped

Verbatim 16x +R MCC 004 100 Pack

$13.00 Mail in Rebate

I rather pay $24.98 for 100 in Best pay than pay $30 and wait for rebate whether or not to get that.

In another week or two, Office Max should have their $12.99 per 50 sale. I don’t do rebates.

Best Buy this week ending tomorrow has the same deal Verbatim 16X in 50 pack for $12.99.

Not according to their circular or on-line.

Yes, agreed that rebates are a hassle… can somebody tell me more about the Best Buy deal. I haven’t heard about this one.

TCAS is confused. BB’s sale is for CD-R

Maxell 16X DVD for $12.99 (yuck)

Just got Best Buys ad for this coming week, NO MEDIA AT ALL on sale ;(

These are now with free shipping at Newegg … $19.99 after rebate. I just ordered a spindle. I’ll report back about the quality when they arrive.

Verbs will be on sale this coming week at BB. $12.99 for a 50-pack.

Thanks Negritude!

Yes thankyou, I always like to see the spindle before I commit to buying the discs. Even at 26.00USD per 100 they are still dirt cheap.:iagree:

Yes, Alan – but being that I got a weak batch of PAPA from Office Max’s last sale, I’m uncertain about how much you can really tell (other than if they are CMC, Prodisc, or Intelliflix packaged)… someone PM’ed me that they had gotten good results from newegg’s 100 pack of 16x discs. I was a bit apprehensive because I was burned with a bad batch of 8x Verbs at newegg a while back. In the end, Verbs seems hit-and-miss these days with a 50/50 chance of getting a bad or weak batch of discs. I wish I knew if this were due to Verbatim’s quality control, or poor storage conditions at the retailers.

At any rate, my newegg pack has shipped and should be here by Thurs.

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Weekly sale at retail stores: $12-$13 for a spindle of 50 and no Rebates

I bought so many at office max online when they were having $7.99 per 50 with shipping for order over $50
Your deal is colder than this winter

hehe I still have 250+ -R 16x Verbatim left from that sale :o

I second to that.

I’ve had problems with Verbatim Rebates purchased on Newegg…

They declined one of my rebates for a 20 pack of Lightscribe discs due to insufficient quantity, when there was indeed the required amount.

I contacted Newegg, and they refunded the rebate difference no questions asked. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase because even if the rebate isn’t fulfilled, Newegg will correct the problem and give you the correct price.

HA - I get the last laugh. My discs arrived. They are Prodisc made, 2006 date coded on the package, non-Intelliflix packed.

They burn better than the Best Buy Verbs I just bought and are more like what I expect from Verbatim… even in my ancient 1620. Glad to see the old drive still has it in her. :flower:

Posted by Dalen Quaice
even in my ancient 1620. Glad to see the old drive still has it in her. :flower:

Hey be careful about the way you talk about my favorite drive. IF these new drives would only be as good as the DW1620, we wouldn’t have to be buying new ones. LOL.:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: “Ancient” No way.:sad: