Verbatim 16x +R & 16xInkjet Clearance@OD

I just got back from Office Depot dont know if this is local [SF Bay Area] or National.

They had there Verbatim 100 Cake Box 16x +R &16 -R on clearance rack for 30.98 less 50%.

They also had quite a few Inkjet Verbatim 16x +R 100 Packs for 44.00 $ less 50% at checkout.

I picked up a 2 of 16x and then went back and bought the rest of the 16x +R Verbatim.


I think it’s on a store by store basis, but if OD has stopped carrying the products eventually all of the stores will linkely put them on clearance. I grabbed a spindle of the 16x +R printables from a local OD (Stone Mountain, GA) for about $33 which was marked down 50% from the price it scanned as.

hahaha, old news, been on clearance for 4 months already
Yup the price is at store manager discrepancy. At the store I went to, have them for $53 for inkjet and $45 for the non-inkjet. I asked the store manager to do better, guess what, he marked down to $20 for me for inkjet and non-inkjet. Check out my old post

does anyone know what the MID are on the 100 pack -R’s?
my local OD has 2 left for $19.01.They may be less the clerk said…:slight_smile:

All Verbatim 16x -R are MCC 03RG20

How did you get the 50% less, the OD by the house has them @ $34.99 I asked the manager and he said that the price is firm.

$34.99 isn’t bad at all for 100 inkjet printable Vebatims. But as ghetocowboy said, it is at the manager’s discretion how much the discs will be marked down. If the manager by your OD won’t go any lower, that’s the price you’ll have to take if you want them.

Folks, this is the last mark down. You will see the price ending .04. This is the last stage of clearance, that means the managers are willing because after this, any remaining stock will be sent back to the manufacture and the managers dont want to do that so they are willing to mark down really really good. You can see the sale receipt I attached at my other post, you will see the word “override”. the manager override the price for me even the computer scanned at $45 and $53 respectively. so the mark down for me was even better than 50%. The manager even urge me to get the printable discs for the same price, $20 per 100 but I dont like non-hub printable and I gotta have hub inkjet printable print all the way to the circle. So I only get the remaining of the +R. Plently of -R and plenty of Inkjet left, both +R and -R for inkjet, over 20 spindles. I am going back there to haggle on the DL media, pack of 3. If I can get under $5, I will buy their whole stock, over 20 packs left. The manager explained to me that the clearance price has ending price of $XX.04 means they have been on clearance for 4 months, $xx.03 means 3 months on clearance. Verbatim is at Stage 4, which is the last stage, they will keep it for one month then send back to the manufacture. So dont worry about haggling, you will get it. And to make your haggling case easier, print out the receipt I posted and bring it to the store. Good luck

Hmm. I gotta try this.

They still show 53.03 in my area (irving TX). Normally you can go to office depots website, go to the cart and select instore pickup, then search for the item number and it will pull up the price for that store (low avalability or item not found means they are out at that store). Item numbers on 100 packs of printable are 314-944 and 314-824. I talked to one of the guys at my local store and they are way behind on markdowns so maybe after back to school when they are slower, they will drop them down more here.

Ripit, thats how much it shows at the store I went to, but the manager marked down to $20 for me, yes, that way over 50% marking down. The 0.03 means they are into the 3rd month of clearance, I thought it would be .04 by now. Use your haggle skill Ripit, hehehe, or better yet, print out my receipt, that will help.