Verbatim 16x & Plextor PX-716a



I’m new here and was wondering if anyone could answer me this. I just ordered a Plextor PX-716a from newegg, found here . I heard that Plextor made good drives and saw that the PX-712a was recommended in Maximum PC or something, so I was going to order the 712, but it wasn’t in stock so I figured I’d pay a little extra and get the upgrade, the 716. I figured it’d be a good investment with the DL capability and also 16x. But then I found this here forum, and read a whole bunch of threads saying that the PX-716 is kind-of a piece, but I had already ordered it. Anyway, it should arrive tomorrow. I’ve been trying to find some media that would work well with it. I saw that Taiyo Yuden came up alot in the forums here. But I want to buy media at Best Buy because I have gift cards there. BB has Verbatim disks, which are on Plextor’s list of recommended media, here.
They are DVD+R’s up to 16x. The ones I’m looking at can be found here . The Plextor drive is shipped with a Verbatim disk as well, seen here. So I would imagine they should work pretty well. But I want to know what you guys think, or what your experiences have been with Verbatim media on the PX-716a. What I plan on doing with my drive is backing up my DVD’s.

P.S. Is Fuji the same as Taiyo Yuden? Because I’ve seen some references like that.



Check the Plextor forum for threads on the 716A as well as the Plextor DVD scan thread.


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Another thing that’d I’ve been wondering, is, is there a way to tell exactly what kind of disk you are buying? Because on the label all it says is Verbatim, but I’ve learned from these forums there are many different types. I found this thread where the Verbatim media apparently worked well, but it shows specifically the type of disk it is, e.g. “Verbatim 8x DVD+R disc (MCC-003-000).” Is there a way I can found out if the disks I want to buy are the “MCC-003-000,” or something else?

Here’s the post I found that in:

Here’s a great scan of a Verbatim 8x DVD+R disc (MCC-003-000) written at 12x using the PX-716A with firmware 1.03.

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From what I have seen here, Verbatim and TY seem to be in the GOOD list of most people’s preferences. There is no 100% but basically, Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp, owned by Mitsubishi. So, 99.9% of the time, Verbatim discs should be MCC. As for TY, the best way to get TY is to buy TY from an online vendor, you probably won’t see it in the store, at least if you are in the US.

As to the Plextor problems, I did my reading here first, I too was going to buy the 716, had it for $110 and a $30 rebate, but after reading the problems here, I got instead a NEC 3500A. The two most popular all-around drives seem to be the BENQ1620 and NEC3500. (all in my opinion, as I could not have possible read all the threads here and done a scientific study).

I also base that partially off of this poll from cdfreaks:
16X DVD Writer poll


Verbatim 8x DVD+R, in the US, is always going to be MCC003. I have never heard of it being anything else. Verbatim (thankfully) seems to only be supplying MCC media for all its 8x and above media these days, no slipping in Ricoh and CMC like in the 2x and 4x days (althoug those were generally Datalife discs, not Datalifeplus).