Verbatim 16X on Sale at Best Buy $14.99 BUT

Once again not to trump Ripits weekly ad post but I was up early and got a paper.

Verbatim 16X is on Sale but the ad is only listing the DVD-R Disc Spindle 95101 and not the +R.

I looked through the ad 3 times to make sure it wasn’t listed some place else and I don’t see it.

Also they have Fujifilm 15 pack Dual Layer DVD+R for $24.99

best is showing both +R and -R for 14.99

welcome to the club nico 192. I guess you can place order online and choose in store pickup so you will also get the +R spindle. But this is just regular price since I see week to week, if one retail store does not have verbatim spindle for this price, another retail store will.

If there is a price difference between the brick&mortar and online store, you could also do a pricematch. Depending on the CSR you get, you may have to have the item’s page in hand when doing the pricematch.

I was able to buy 2 spindles of 50 Verbatim dvd +R 16X for 14.99 each at a local Best Buy store in NJ. Dvdidentifier indicates it has an ID of MCC004.


Please show link to the +R 16x for $14.99 at best - I cannot seem to locate it on their site-eh!

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Its not advertized Mike, only the dash is advertised. But they do have both the + and dash on sale. Caused me a problem cause nobody will call to pricematch, they say only the dash are on sale and they won’t pricematch the +16X even though its on sale. Maybe they did that on purpose so you have to buy them at Best Buy.


if you want to price match them print out the best buy website page.

if they still give you a hard time insist to speak to the manager and insist that the manager call to verify. granted there are some managers that don’t give a damn, but for the most part if you escalate it that far they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

trust me, as a former retail employee that has had my managers undercut my decisions regarding customers many a time…many managers take joy in making their employees look like idiots when all the employees are trying to do is enforce the rules that they were told to enforce. :slight_smile:

Always a good first choice…

Your first stop should be with the manager…Leave the employee out of the loop initially…

Like I said, go to the manager and resolve the issue at his level…
It works every time, and nobody has to suffer any indignities…Win Win…

Although the insert in this AM’s local newspaper indicated only the Verb -Rs were on sale, the +R’s were as well when I got to the BB store. There were plenty of -Rs still on the shelf, but only two spindles of +Rs. I got them both! :smiley:

I would do that but there are no dates on the Best Buy webpage. It could be an old ad for all they know, and its very hard to get them to call, I will try again tomorrow.

If you click on the link to the +'s in my above post you can check to see if your local store has them in stock. Mine has them so i’ll be picking up 2 packs (limit of 2) tomorrow. Thanks MegaDETH for psting this great deal.

The +R has a price tag of $29+ in the store.With a printed copy of the ad from BB website, I requested a salesman to enter the code of the +R and the price came out to $14.99. I got two spindles and checked out for a total price of $31.78 including tax.

This is not the first time BB has done this. Even PC Richard had done the same thing when I bought a Canon printer early this year.

most times when you print from a web browser it will show the the web address and date accessed on the bottom of the page…and if they’re REALLY going to be that much of an asshole about it they’d also be the type to call.

where do you go where you have problems price matching? staples is my favorite…i’ve had them not even ask for the ad. I said to the girl “best buy has these for $15. i wanted to price match” then i went in my purse to get the ad and she had already don ethe price adjustment befor ei had pulled the ad out. she never even asked to look at it so i just put it away.

officemax matched for me once but gave me a hard time about the 115% price match that they do. I had to talk to a manager but i did get it.

even the best buy near me I’ve gone and had managers honor mistakes in the ads and stuff like that.

if anything i would think it’s harder for me to be taken seriously as a young person. I honestly look barely 18. when i ask to talk to a manager i generally get sort of smirked/laughed at.

I’ve worked retail and it SUCKS so I’d never do anything to demean or be rude to a retail employee no matter how badly they may or may not deserve it. my line is “i understand you might not have the authority to okay this price match or honor the ad mistake, I just wanted to speak to the manager to see if they could do antyhing for me”

as long as the employee knows you’re not going to make stuff up about them (which customer actually do believe it or not) and as long as you’re not “ratting them out” for something, they’ll be very nice and cooperative.

Yo Bryan S-

Thanks for the link - ordered 50 16x +R’s for testing-


The only place that carrys Verbs near me beside Best Buy is Office Max, that is where I go. Best Buy is a good 10 miles aways but Office Max is less than a mile, there are 2 Staples but no Verbs, there are CompUSA and Circuit City, no Verbs. Sams Club has them but for some reason the ones they have are terrible, 100 packs for 36.99. I am stuck with Office Max.

There is a 12% off coupon for Reward Zone members valid 6/23/06-7/23/06 to make the price better.

thanks zevia! i did’nt even think of that!! it right here sitting on my kitchen table…
have to go give it a try tomarrow.

Well i drove to my nearest BB today(36 miles oneway) to pick up 2 spindles of these. It was a nice day for a bike ride, sunny and 80 degrees. Got to talking to a local guy that always checks the prices on blank media at that BB and he said that the Verbatmin 16X DVD+R have been $14.99 for at least 3 months now. There was no sale sticker there just the List price $29.99, BB price of $14.99 YMMV from store to store.