Verbatim 16x on Benq 1620 Is this OK?

Hello All,

I have just received some 16x Verbatim (MCC03RG20) DVD-R’s manufactured by MBI in India from SVP. I am using a Philips 1640 cross flashed to a Benq 1620 with FW B7V9 on XP Pro SP2 and Nero This is the first time I have used 16x disks and have burnt them at 12x. I have attached the scan results as I am a bit concerned about the high PI Errors and the PI Failures being a bit higher than the MCC02RG20 8x Verbatims I have been using for a long time. I would very much appreciate any comments on this burn. Is it OK or do I have a problem ?

Many Thanks,


hmm PIE’s are pretty ugly however PIF’s are well within specs, jitter is also abit high, try burning one at 8x and one at 16x and see what happens