Verbatim 16x (MCC004) good or not?



Hi there, i’m new here… :smiley:
A week ago I bought this 50 pcs Verbatim 16x media to burn some data by using my BenQ Burner…
I ran a couple of test with this media… I got not so good result with this media… is this normal?

Using :

Media : Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004)
Burner : BenQ 1640 (Firmware : BSPB)
Software : Nero 6.6
Burning : 4200MB same data

DVD Surface :

Spindle Label :

DVD Serial Label :

Blank Media :

Burn Speed : 16x

Burn Time Taken : 0:05:51
Burn + Verify Time: 0:10:44

Burn Speed : 12x

Burn Time Taken : 0:06:06
Burn + Verify Time: 0:10:59

…last time I use Mitsubishi DVD+R 8x (MCC003) media, it gave me a good (Disc Quality : 99)…
…okay, any advice? thanks


It’s great media, and your 12x burn looks great. The 1640 has a known issue burning +R at 16x with the error spikes at the edge. Apparently they don’t actually cause any issues for people though. Like I said, the 12x burn looks great, and 16x media will burn better at 12x in general anyway and the difference in burn time is minor, so you might as well burn them at 12x.


I don’t see anything wrong with the 12x burn. Only some burners will burn anything well at 16x (the only one I’ve come across personally is the LG4163B, and even then only with A106 firmware).

I’m not too familiar with DW1640 firmware, are you using the latest?

Also, can you tell us where those Verbs were made? It should say on the packaging.

Just a few thoughts. :slight_smile:


That is the latest firmare arachne and they’re MIT it says in the pic of the packaging.

I always burn the 16x discs at 12x anyway, makes no difference to me, I seriously doubt the extra few seconds is a life or death matter. I have accidentally burnt a few a 16x and had the data verification go well, I must scan and see, I knew I would forget to do something.


I burn all my 16x media at 12x, too. And I told you I wasn’t familiar with 1640 firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have looked closer at the packaging, though :doh:


thanks for the reply guys… :iagree:
yeah, i’m using the latest firmware and at the spindle label (u can see the pic) it says made in Taiwan…
the serial number of the disc, u can check it at the pic above…

so, it is good eh?

okay thanks again guys… :slight_smile:


The MIT Verbs look fine, burned at 12x. :slight_smile:


Okay, got it… :iagree:
I will burn my data using 12x… I’m not worried too much about the burn time because the different is not too much as u can see my result at the first post above…

… okay I got another question to ask… if I burn by using 8x speed, is it any different other than burn time because the disc quality is almost the same (Disc Quality Score : 97) when I scan by using Nero


As you can see, the results are very similar at 8x with these discs. With alot of media, burning much below its rated speed can actually lead to worse results, so just make sure to run a disc quality test when trying new media/different speeds/different firmware/etc. MCC04 is one exception of high speed media that usually burns well at low speeds, the same can’t be said with most other high speed media.


There are two types of Verbatim MCC 004 in the US; made by CMC and made by Prodisc. Based on the color of the label yours look like CMC and those seem to be better than Prodisc right now, although MCC 003 were the opposite. Check the real serial on the clear center hub. CMC will start with PAPA. Also you can tell by the shape of the center hub in the top of the case. CMC do not taper; Prosidc do.


The serial is PAPA14KA20211307, so it is made by CMC eh? okay thanks…




Best Buy has the 50 pack spindle of the excellent quality Verbatim 16x DVD+R and -R on sale this week for $14.99


I picked up one of the 50 pack spindles from Best Buy, but can’t find a serial on the clear plastic. I burned one of them at 12x on my 1650DW and got a disc quality score of 97. Satisfied, I went to Best Buy to pick up another one, and the second spindle has a different label, something about 100 free photos. It’s also copyright 2006, compared to the first one’s 2005.

Are these both the high quality Verbatim MCC 004?

The second spindle you describe should have PAPA on the clear plastic hub though you cant make it out with the naked eye. I have bought some and have been getting great results burning @12x (98-100 qs).

I’m going to buy a bunch more.
A great tool for viewing tiny things is a 50mm lens for a 35mm camera. look through it backwards and its a powerfull magnifying lens. get a manual focus lens and make sure the aperture can be opened all the way to at least f2.8.
Heres a link to one for 12 bucks.


I have had very dissappointing results with this media, 2 different spindles from different stores, 1 spindle came with white labels already on them and the other spindle was silver. both have PAPA on inner ring. most of them would burn with an average nero quality score of 80. the odd one may score as high as 90 but always very high PIE and PIF. Similar results with both my pioneer dvr111d and sony q28a. burning at 12x did not seem to make much difference. Both spindles are +r discs. Now the yuden 002 are a different story, they burn very nicely with both drives


kenny44: Try MCC 03RG20 (16x DVD-R) media with your drives. You should also try Prodisc-made MCC media instead of CMC-made media.


Made my first(had to use up my 8x first) 16x with an NEC ND-4550(1.07) today.
Results look a bit strange.

Guess I have Prodisc medias, can’t see any PAPA in the serial.

Maybe with the new 1.08 and CMC it will be better.
But I buy media online so I guess there is no chance to check for CMC or Prodisc.

Allgemeine Informationen
Laufwerk: _NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A
Firmware: 1.07
Disktyp:: DVD+R (MCC 004)
Gewählte Geschwindigkeit: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 143
durchschnittlich: 18.59
Gesamt: 238522
PI failures
Maximum: 6
durchschnittlich: 0.02
Gesamt: 215
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Verstrichene Zeit: 5:00
Number of samples: 16529
Durchschnittliches Scanintervall: 8.02 ECC
Störimpulse entfernt: 0

Quality score is 97.

I also scanned the disk and the worst file on it with 88 works perfect


Okay posting pics.

  1. When the scan is finished, click on the little floppy icon in the top bar and save as .png format (best quality for small file size, also standard for the forum)
  2. Click on "Go advanced in posting options.
  3. Click on manage attachments–>browse, point to pic you want to upload, click open and then upload.

It gives us a much better pic to look at an none of those annoying pop ups when closing the window. The image uploaded is ngh on impossible to read. But what I can just about gather from it you are using an NEC, scanning for NECs is 4x you have it set to maximum, though I think the more modern NECs are 5 or 6x for scanning. Try re-scanning at the slower speed.

NECs aren’t the best scanners in the world,


A very general rule for NEC scan speed is 5x, but some drives behave peculiarly at some scan speeds, so sometimes it’s better to scan at another speed such as 8x, 12x, or even 1x. 16x is rarely the most reliable scan speed, and 1x is too slow for most people but is probably reliable on most drives for scanning PIF.

NEC drives report PIE in a non-standard way, which can be seen from the fact that they can report 2-3 times more PIE than the theoretical maximum. Many people choose to ignore PIE in NEC scans for this very reason.

@ChromeBeauty, given that you’re scanning your disc at maximum speed I would say that the disc is very good quality.