Verbatim 16X MCC-004-00 Glossy printable, year old and wont burn



I have a box of Verbatim Printable Glossy 16X DVD. They are fairly old, can’t remember when I got them. Just tried to do a few burns in the last couple of days and every single one fails verification at around 60-80% area using both ImgBurn and Nero latest trial.

No errors during burning.
Verify always fails, I tried burning 9 Discs at all supported speeds, Auto, MAX, 6X, 8X, 12X except 16X.
The 10th disc I burned at 16X and it worked!.. weird, coincidence, voodoo. I will edit this post if I fail some more 16X burns.

DVD burner is Liteon 1693S

I can burn to DVD+RW and I tested a new Philips DVD-R which worked fine.

Does anyone have experience with old DVDs being crappy?
Could it be the glossy coat causing the dye to go bad?
Is there a reason it fails near the end of the Disc?

I guess old writable DVDs suck? I have some re-writables which are also going bad, sometimes they format sometimes they dont, each has a certain bad area.


I have never done a verify before, I always run a Transfer Rate Test and Quality scan using Nero CDSpeed.

I would try this before tossing them in the trash.

Have you tried playing them in your DVD player yet?


Perhaps the LiteOn 1693S doesn’t like this media?

I don’t have this drive myself, but I once burned a Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India in such a drive, and I almost couldn’t read the disc afterwards (only barely and only in one drive). The same batch of discs worked problem-free in other writers.

Do you have another writer for burning the discs to see if they work properly?


I’ve only have one DVD burner, and the disc is for a game so it needs to be error free or it wont work at all. I will try NeroCDSpeed if it can be installed without installing the whole Nero app.


CD-DVD Speed and DiscSpeed [the “replacement” for CD-DVD Speed] can be found here [separately from Nero and for free]:

Also, just FYI, the CD-DVD Speed discussion thread: