Verbatim 16x for 9 or less! req PM w/ shopko

thanks to dsdarli!!

staples has these verbatim 16x +r in a small display with verbatim DL discs
they are 24.98 price match to shopko for 9.99 and get and additional 99¢ off for a total of 9 per 25 pack.

Best buy is even better but i literally spent almost an hour trying to get them to honor it… (can’t wait to do the survey and let them know how much i appreciated it) i had to go to shopko and verify the price with one of the customer service people and have best buy call her to verify since the luser back in electronics told BB they were not on sale (even though the ad said they were)
best buy shelf price is 22.99 which means 13 difference. their price match is an additional 10% of the difference which is 13+1.3 which gives you a price of 8.69 for the 16x +r on the 16x -r they gave me 14.44 since they did not have the 8x media shopko had in the ad.

good luck!!


it is too bad that these stores are all to far away to buy from.

here are a few in seattle.
you should get out more

Wow. You know :Z BB sucks!!! They told me they don’t do the 10% for media and when I tried it for on the HD they wouldn’t do it for that either!!! :a :a
Thats why I say puck with them any chance you get and I do. :bigsmile:
I’ll go and have them do price matching just cause I know they don’t like customers like that. To bad :Z BB.
Puckem!!! :bigsmile:


thanks for that refreshing thought. :slight_smile:


that was an interesting transaction you went through.

I didn’t know that BB would match that other store’s price.

How many packs could you/did you buy? :cool:


BTW, I really liked the Boondocks cartoon. :iagree:

Bypass the smiling faces at the customer service counter and ask to chat with the store manager regarding price match debates at BB. The BB policy does not say we’ll comply with our policy when and if we choose. In my local area CC is more receptive to price match but has a lot narrower product line.

Wow… gotta get in on this.

well as i said staples was absolutely no issue. bam they matched i paided end of story

@ BB i went directly to customer service. they were pleasant but they had to call and check with shopko that they had the product in stock. which shopko did but the shopko drone said they were not on sale (why? well because they didn’t even have the damn sign up. BIG UP to shopko for not really trying to sell product and BIG UP to shopko electronics drone who did not even know his weekly ad) so i went over to shopko and bought one of each and then returned them both which was fun. especially answering the “why are you returning them” question “because your stupid electronics people have no idea what is on sale this week” took it over to BB and they debated with just about every one about the CSR for about 5-10 minutes and they finally decided that they would do the price match on the 16x +r but only take it down to cost for the 16x -r since shopko was selling 8x (damn reciept)

so all in all i got 4 25 pack +R from staples for 36 + tax and 4 25 pk +r (all they had or i would have gotten more) and 1 25 pk -r for 51.60 @ BB

225 16x discs for under $90 incl tax i am going to go back to BB and when i see more if the sale is still on i am going to box them again since they made me wait so long :slight_smile:


Excellent work.

You must live in an ideal area to enable you to do all this price matching betweeen these stores.

Tried it down here in a San Bernardino Ca. Staples Trying to get 6 spindles. The manager said they only PM stores in a local 15 mile radius. After 15 min of hearing no no no, I got him to mark down 1 spindle so I could at least test the media with my drive ! Got it for 9.98 +tax !


you are a real bulldog.

Just keep on keepin’ it up.

Enjoy them much.

that sucks! i got mine from staples for 9.00 you might be better off just going to shopko they had tons of media where i am. probably 50 or more packs of + an -

1 best buy
1 staples
1 officemax
2 shopkos (with this price i am going to have to watch their ads more)
2 wally worlds

best buy PM = additional 10% of the DIFFERENCE between what they are selling and what the competition has

Staples PM = 10% off the remaining amount

Officemax pm = additional 15% off of the difference <-- love pricematching but they do not have all of the brands like verby and fuji


that looks like an awful lot of packs at shopko.

I really enjoy getting a very good deal.

And I am just speculating here, but I think that you are even a little pleased when you get one yourself, eh?

Not really !
Remember that there is no ShopKo Store down here in So. Cal. Never heard of them before. And they don’t have an online store to have them shipped. The manager of Staples just did me a solid ! Wish I could have gotten more but…
I"ll be in the area of BB ,CompUsa, and Office Max tomorrow and I’ll see if I can mooch a manager at those stores. :iagree:

good luck!

i have updated my media wall picture with all of the verby i picked up


I added up your posted numbers and came up with 2,225 discs.

Does that make you a hog?

No, of course not. it merely shows that you are a discerning individual that likes to FLAUNT it, eh? :iagree:

And, yes, I am envious.

Can’t resist a sale can you :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats your personal best and worst in that mix ? I’ve tried a few of those in your mix and either returned the worst or given them away. As it stands now, Verbatim 8x + is my disc of choice for movie backups.